Animated Film “Lichozrouti” is Scheduled for August 24th

The Czech animated film Lichozrouti recently released a set of posters and stills, officially announced that it will meet with Chinese audiences on August 24, and join the final movie show in the summer. Produced by Czech-supported production company, Studio Bratrivtriku, the world-class animation boutique “The Story of Mole”, Czech TV, Pabriz Film Company, Prague Okay Animation Company, Rex Film Company Co-production. The Socks Elves are a household name in the Czech Republic. The “Little Blue Child” Xi Lijun’s adventure-seeking adventure story has been made into a variety of entertainment products such as books and movies. It is popular among the public, and its movie version has created the Czech Republic. The highest record in the box office of animated movies is a veritable Czech animated brother who has exhibited at the Shanghai International Film Festival last year and has received numerous praises.

“Elves’ Day Mission” is full of “Little Blue Child”

Is your socks often inexplicable and disappeared? In the world of imaginative animation in Czech, it is because there are sock elves in the corners of every family. They share the belief that they share the “only one” with human beings, accompanying you and me, only lonely. People can see their little figure. The film “Weird Socks Elf” is a story about the kind and filial elf Xi Lijun. After the death of his grandfather, he was brave enough to embark on an adventure to find loved ones. He has to learn to integrate into the new family, fight with some of the rebellious evil spirited elves, and cope with the lonely and eccentric professor who wants to capture the sock elves… a thrilling and interesting adventure story. With family wisdom, warmth and cure.

In the final poster released this time, Xi Lizhen took the group’s first “Sock Elf Day Group” to make a collective appearance. As a full-fledged C-seat, “Little Blue Child” has become the focus of the elves, white headscarves, slightly eyebrows, big eyes and large oval mouths, exaggerated expressions Have a sense of joy. Behind him, the rough and stern purple screaming “Godfather” uncle is domineering, the naughty “Little Yellow Child” twin brothers are cute and cute, except for the “Godfather gang”, and the haircut kills Matt’s second rebellious “knife. In the stills, Xi Lijun has a sneak peek between the “Godfather Help” and the “Knife Help”. What kind of charm can the “Little Blue Child” become the “big favor” of the two big gangs? “What fun and interesting adventures will happen between them? It is better to go to the cinema together on August 24, and see the Czech first pop-up group officially debut, accompanying the “Little Blue Child” to help you walk the road.

Mole brother’s quality assurance passed down the classics and was moved

As the box office leader in the field of Czech animated feature films, Lichozrouti is famous for its production and “The Same Story” in the production of the world classic animation “The Story of the Mole”. It is also produced by the famous Czech animation company Studio Bratrivtriku. It can be said that the elves inherit the high-quality genes of the family, the images are vivid and vivid, and they are unique. In the adventure story full of pure interest, the big friends and children can realize the goodness, warmth, courage, intelligence and many other beautiful things. Quality is especially exciting.

In the 1980s, “The Story of the Mole” was the first representative of China to introduce animation, and it became the childhood memory of the generation of a companion. In 2012, it was broadcast again on CCTV, so that many children after 00 can experience the artistic charm of classic animation. Nowadays, the Mole’s “brother” socks elves are even more aggressive. In addition to the ingenuity of creating quality, the brain-throwing thrilling and thrilling adventure-seeking story is worth looking forward to.

It is reported that Lichozrouti was introduced by China Film Group Corporation. China Film Corporation issued and translated it. Beijing Yueyue International Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd. assisted in promotion and will officially land on the National Cinema on August 24. Czech animation and the Chinese audience are about to add a new fate. The elves who are responsible for the warm and shared mission of “sharing and companionship” can continue to move us to the “Mole”, let us wait and see.






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