Add Wano Kuni’s ‘Choppaemon’ to Your One Piece Collection!


Figuarts ZERO has released a new figure of Chopper in his Choppaemon costume from One Piece’s Wano Kuni arc as part of their line of figures recreating volume 91 of Jump Comics, which featured all of the Straw Hats in their Wano Kuni, traditional Japanese-looking outfits.

In the Wano Kuni arc, the Straw Hats dress in the local attire so as to blend in and Chopper dresses up as a ninja, going by the name Chopaemon.

The figure is 70 cm (27.5 in) and you can make Chopper smile with the replacement parts that come with the Wano Kuni Usopp figure (Usohachi) that released in December!

Revervations are now available at retailers and the figure will release December 2020 with a price tag of between ¥2,750 and ¥4,950 depending on the retailers. The rest of the crew is also scheduled to release in the coming months so stay tuned!


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