Action Roguelike Game “Skybreakers” Has Been Launched 

Action Roguelike Game “Skybreakers” Launched on November 15th for $8.99

Developed by BINGO Studio and published by ETime Studio, the highly anticipated action roguelike thriller “Skybreakers” geared up for its debut! The game will launch on Steam on November 15th at 00:00 PST, with an attractive price tag of $8.99. Take advantage of the special launch week offer for a limited time for only $8.09.

Immerse yourself in the hack-and-slash world of “Skybreakers”, where aggressive attacks and  the exhilaration of defeating your enemies make every battle a legend. As a Disciple of Jixia, masterfully switch between Basic Attack, Dash, and Ultimate to defeat the evil. With an array of weapons, each with its own advanced moves, as well as Ability Construction, Weapon Affixes, and Artifacts, you can create unique builds. Gear up to face formidable Champions and experience the raw thrill of relentless combat!

Follow the link to the “Skybreakers” Steam page:

Four Distinct Characters Offer Diverse Combat Strategies

In “Skybreakers”, each character wields distinctive talents and weaponry, leading to unique combat strengths. Players unlock characters gradually by completing rounds at various difficulty levels. The full release offers four characters for players to master:

– Yi, the Blades Wielder, adept at swift reactions and pinpointing enemy weak spots.

– Motao, the Hammer Master, who draws upon golem strength for powerful basic attacks.

– Haiyi, the Adept Boxer, skilled in agile positioning and evading enemy assaults.

– Nangong Wen, the Star Controller, specializes in setting up a star chart for AOE damage.

Each round in “Skybreakers” pits players against 20 Waves of evil creatures, with a 60-second countdown to defeat each Wave. Players earn experience and unlock potent skills through relentless combat. The secret to scoring high kills and gaining the upper hand in battle lies in the skillful use of your character’s combat strengths and their synergy with the appropriate Ability bonuses. Every choice you make could mean the difference between victory and defeat!

Reforge Weapons to Unlock Advanced Techniques and Affixes

In “Skybreakers,” players defeat Elites to acquire “Dark Iron,” a valuable resource for weapon reforging. Weapon reforging grants advanced abilities to specific moves, providing enhanced combat effects. Dark Iron can also be used to refresh Weapon Affixes, increasing the weapon’s ATK or increasing its Crit Chance, Lethal Chance, and Basic Attack Damage, among other buffs. The game has three core move systems: Basic Attack, Dash, and Ultimate, with each weapon form unlocking different advancements in these moves. Reforging weapons into different forms not only dictates the character’s combat school but can also change the character’s attack methodology altogether.

Ability Construction and Bond Activation Enhance Characters

In “Skybreakers,” players use Crystals collected from defeating waves of evil creatures to acquire distinct Abilities from the in-game store, yielding various buffs. For instance, Taoism Abilities may boost the acquisition speed and cap for Ultimate techniques, while School of Medicine Abilities might offer buffs to HP regeneration and increase the HP limit.

As well as individual buffs such as Combo Amplifiers and Crit Enhancements, players will unlock special Bond effects as they level up an Ability to a certain level. For example, reaching the fifth level of a School of Confucianism Ability triggers a bond effect where every hundredth combo creates multiple shadows to damage enemies, allowing for a barrage of damage to efficiently take down more enemies.

Mysterious Monster System

“Skybreakers” features a bizarre monster set in the twilight of ancient times, when spiritual essence was waning and the rule of cultivators was faltering. Demonic practitioners rose up to threaten the mortal realms. Born to banish evil and uphold righteousness, the “Disciples of Jixia” arose and stood on the brink of an inevitable clash with the forces of corruption. Within the game, the story unfolds through comic book-style animations. As players defeat the evils, they will gradually unlock an intricate storyline, delving into the hidden mysteries of the conflict that raged at the dawn of antiquity.

Swift Slaying and Masterful Combo Crafting

The game supports full keyboard, controller, and keyboard-and-mouse input, providing a low entry barrier for quick mastery. Enhanced by stunning visuals and crisp sound effects, it delivers an exhilarating hack-and-slash experience that’s accessible to the less skilled. Every move and attack is meticulously executed by the player’s own hands, allowing for deep immersion as they rack up extraordinary combo counts and dominate the battlefield.

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