2018 China Joy Closed

On August 3rd, the annual China Joy opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. As a highly influential event in the global digital interactive entertainment industry, ChinaJoy attracted more than 30 exhibitors from more than 30 countries and regions this year. The total exhibition area is 170,000 square meters, with 15 exhibition halls and hundreds of game manufacturers participating. Bringing the latest games, hardware and development technology, 4000 exhibits and more than 5,000 experience machines make players dazzle and become the new stage of new entertainment.

Since its opening on August 3, 2018 ChinaJoy has been popular and full of heat. On the first day of the exhibition (Friday, August 3), the total number of visitors reached 94,928, which was nearly 20,000 more than the first day of last year. On the second day (Saturday, August 4), the new one-day high of the exhibition was re-opened. The number of visits reached 133,900, an increase of 35,300 compared with the same period of last year, and an increase of 12,300 from the number of visitors last Saturday.

This year, ChinaJoy set up an online content exhibition area to showcase the latest achievements in online content such as online games, online literature and animation in the form of pictures, text, video and multimedia interaction. Before entering the exhibition hall, many players stopped to watch in the exhibition area and praised them. “The Internet content industry is booming and expects more boutiques to be born.”

In the pavilion, the major game manufacturers made all the stops, and the booth design was varied, all eye-catching. AR, VR, smart products, and e-sports are undoubtedly popular choices for live players. The relevant booths often see the audience line up.

From the scene of the exhibition, the details of the carefully arranged games are very popular: there are caterpillar-shaped dolls in many corners of the exhibition. This group of “make things” lies in the 100-meter lawn outside the pavilion and enters the exhibition hall. Taiwan quickly won the attention of the visitors.

In addition to grabbing the pavilion with the image in the game, many exhibitors also sent out various surrounding areas. Most of the crowds around the pavilion carry shopping bags with quite exaggerated capacity. Among them, there are many “Dragon Valley” commemorative T-shirts and heavy ducks, “Ba Qing Chuan” sun protection clothing, “God Without Moon” net red” Kid’s “Pillow,” “Radiation: Refuge Online” is a game derivative.

China Joy’s most attractive is the booth of each game.

Tencent Games

Tencent released more than 20 new products in one breath, and also brought the “Xin Wenchuang” exhibition area to the venue for the first time. The two major regions of the game e-sports and the new Wenchuang totaled 966 square meters, and the area reached a record high.

In the main and deputy stage of Tencent, various competitions were arranged. Mainly include: “CFM” “NBA2K Online2” “Fortress Night”, “Glory of the King”, “Rocket League”, “FIFA Football World”, “Monster Hunter: World”, “QQ Flying Rider” and other games of the e-sports exhibition, anchor challenge Race, etc.


Netease game

This year, Netease games brought many new games to CJ. The flying pigeons, the net red swimming pool and the water friend interactive competition outside the venue were even more blasting. The “Hig Factory” was worthy of its name.


Sanqi mutual entertainment

This 37 game with a variety of boutique page tour debut in ChinaJoy, Netease end tour original version of the 2.5DMMORPG game “town magic song web version”, South Korea NCSOFT “Paradise 2” genuine authorized page tour “Blood League Glory”, and H5 game Shacheng God of War, ARPG martial arts web game “Tai Chi Rise” and so on. In the exhibition area, the 37 game specially set up the game demo zone for players to enjoy the game.

Grand game

In addition to the unique booth design, high-quality stage activities, and a strong lineup of boutique games, the theme of Shanda Games 2018ChinaJoy has also become one of the focus of the audience. On the first day of the “end of the theme day” has earned the eye, the next day’s “new theme day” is to greet the player with the greatest sincerity. The protagonist of the new tour is the grand game of “Grand Legend 3D” and “Bright Warrior” of Shanda Games this year.


On this ChinaJoy, Xishanju brought the “Jian Wang 3” remastered version, “Jian Wang 3: Fingertips and Rivers and Lakes”, “Jian Xia Love 2: Sword Song”, “Jian Xia World 2” mobile game, “Yunshang Yuyi” five The swordsman series products, Daewoo genuine license, Xishanju research and development of “The Legend of the Sword and the Chivalrous 4” mobile game, and Xishanju’s first original 3D animation “Mengta · Snow Mystery City” debut at the booth, and on the main stage Come to a variety of exciting shows.

Xi Shanju CEO and “Jian Wang 3” series producer Guo Wei also came to the ChinaJoy venue to meet with the players, held the “Jian Wang 3” official novel “Wearing the Heart”, “Who is the gun to ask” signing ceremony, many players Come to the queue with the book and interact face-to-face with Guo Daxia.


Ali Entertainment

Ali Entertainment is also fighting this time, in addition to the game, Ali Entertainment also pulled Ali literature, shrimp music, Youku video to the CJ exhibition camp.

Perfect world

The perfect world game is accompanied by a variety of fine works. As the perfect 2018 heavyweight flagship mobile game, the “New Swordsman” mobile game will perfectly reproduce the original “Black Wood Cliff” of the Sun and Moon Gods, and the undefeated royal benches from the screen to the east will be restored one by one. Enough to make people experience the atmosphere of the game in advance. At the same time, the “New Swordsman” mobile game also invited the famous coser to sit in the town, performing the beautiful East unbeaten.

Blizzard game

After the first day of the show is a new version of World of Warcraft and Hearthstone, Warcraft producers announced on the scene that “World of Warcraft: Hegemony Azeroth” will be online at 6:00 am on August 14th.

The next day’s Blizzard booth went to a nostalgic style. After the Challenges of the Hearthstone’s major anchors, Blizzard’s two RTS games, StarCraft and Warcraft, will take turns to perform.

ChinaJoy is also a big focus on games, dresses or fashion or retro, well-dressed Coser. In the venue, a variety of cosers wearing beautiful cos costumes attracted players to take photos.


[China Joy Highlights Time]

Everyone knows that this China Joy is held, just in time for the typhoon “Lark”

Before the typhoon


After the typhoon




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