Animated Movie “White Snake” Released Beautiful Oriental Hand-Painted Posters

The Oriental Magical hit animated movie “White Snake” jointly produced by Light Chaser Animation and Warner Bros. will officially be screened in domestic cinemas on December 21. Today, the producers exposed its beautiful oriental hand-painted poster. In the poster, the half-human-half-snake White Snake and the hero A Xuan look at each other with great affections. The poster features rich colors, visual powers and a profound traditional Chinese culture, which presents the oriental beaut of this elaborate Chinese animation.

Presenting Cycled Love with Oriental Charm, with the Mysterious jewel Hairpin Reappearing

The story of the movie “White Snake” is based on the classic IP “Madame White Snake”, telling an unforgettable romance between Lady white snake and Xu Xian’s predecessor a xuan 500 years ago. The poster released by producers today tells this romance in a unique way. This hand-painted poster is created by the famous painter Zhang Yu. The whole poster adopts traditional heavy color techniques, with flame-like red and mysterious blue as the base color, showing a subtle and magnificent oriental charm, which is also in line with the movie Chinese folk. The temperament of mythology.

In the poster, the main character white snake is a human for the upper part of the body while a snake for the rest, with the long snake tail occupying the whole poster in the form of a circle from far to near. A xuan is in the center of the circle, looking up at the white snake.In Chinese traditional culture, the “circle” symbolizes moving in cycles, that is, transmigration. The whole poster seems to indicate that in the life of the White Snake, it experiences thousands of twists, death and forgetting, yet always centering a person, Xu Xian or A Xuan. The poster presents the touching romance in cycles between Lady White Snake and Xu Xian in front of the audience with imaginative colors and rich cultural heritages.

Many careful audiences found that Lady white snake holds a transparent jewel hairpin in her hand, which has appeared many times in the trailers and stills exposed previously. With great curiosity, some viewers speculated that this mysterious jewel hairpin will be a key item in the film. As for its origin and stories, audiences can only find the answer in the film.

The Classic IP Makes a Marvelous Story in Innovation, Presenting “First Love” of the White Snake

In the movie “White Snake”, Lady white snake encounters difficulties in cultivation, and cannot get through, which initiated a romance between a human and a demon 500 years ago. Five hundred years ago, the amnesia girl Xiaobai was arrested by the snake-trapping man A Xuan. In order to uncover the mystery of her own identity, Xiaobai went to Yongzhou to find clues with the help of A Xuan. The two experienced difficulties and generated affections for each other in the thrilling journeys. However, the identity of Xiaobai as a snake demon was gradually unveiled, which foreshadows a huge disaster. The film “White Snake” presents the classic IP “Madame White Snake” in an animated and comic way for the first time with an innovative plot that focuses on the white snake’s past life.

In the previous release-scheduling conference of the film “White Snake”, directors Huang Jiakang and Zhao Ji told the audience about the inspiration of the film creation. “The story of ‘White Snake’ has been circulated for thousands of years and everyone is familiar with it. In the early stage of story creation, we wondered why such perfect Lady white snake would love a human heart and soul. We were very curious, as for what kind of past life can generate such a romance.” The two directors illustrated with  metaphors that this movie was about the first love of the white snake when it was very young. Only after watching the film will the audiences learn the moving stories between Lady white snake and Xu Xian’s predecessor A Xuan.

In addition to the fascinating romance between White Snake and A Xuan, the images with oriental beauty in the film are also eye-catching. The beautiful Chinese-style pictures, the magnificent fighting scenes, and the unique and innovative characters present the high quality of the meticulously-produced Chinese animation.

Source: Sina



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