Yanus STUDIO unveils new product at GDC2024

Yanus STUDIO unveils new product at GDC2024 to solve facial motion capture problems

Yanus STUDIO, a leading company in facial motion capture solutions showcased its new products at GDC, the world’s largest gaming exhibition, held in San Francisco from March 18th to 22nd.

Yanus STUDIO is a complete solution for facial animation. It makes the existing complex and inconsistent facial production pipeline ‘consistent,’ and anyone can control it, making it possible to produce facial animation with ‘consistent quality.’ Yanus STUDIO’s outstanding accuracy, lightweight design, convenient usability, and compatibility with various platforms provide users with a better facial motion capture working environment.

In addition, the price of this new product was set at $1,950, reducing the cost burden of existing facial motion capture equipment. It is expected that consumer satisfaction will be high by setting a reasonable price while enhancing the accuracy of motion capture data.

Yanus STUDIO is new product lineup consists of hardware ‘Yanus SCAN’ and ‘Yanus CAM’ and software ‘Yanus FACE’, ‘Yanus ReTARGET’ and ‘Yanus LIVE’.

‘Yanus SCAN’ is a scanning system for creating 3D faces, allowing users to create 3D data and high-resolution texture images. Through this, the user’s face is captured more realistically and accurately, enabling natural and lively motion capture. In addition, ‘Yanus CAM’ is a facial motion capture camera(HMC) equipment that captures 3D facial expressions. It can be captured using a single, dual camera, or iPhone, so you can enjoy facial motion capture anytime, anywhere. It is designed to be comfortable to wear for long time, allowing users to freely use it in various fields.

In addition, the software ‘Yanus FACE’ is an automatic generation program for creating and auto-rigging blend shape models based on 3D models., It supports both realistic and cartoon facial types. ‘Yanus ReTARGET’ is a retargeting program for applying facial motion capture data to characters. High-quality results can be obtained through the data editing function.
‘Yanus LIVE’ is a vision-based facial motion capture tracking program with an actor profile function to reduce tracking differences due to changes in actors and facial expressions. It adjusts data of a certain quality in real time and immediately reflects feedback to create more sophisticated and vivid content. can be produced.

Yanus STUDIO showcased new products and demonstrate real-time facial motion capture during the GDC2024 exhibition. In addition, based on participation in this GDC2024, Yanus STUDIO  strengthened partnerships with domestic and foreign companies and seek various opportunities, such as sales, joint research and development, and marketing cooperation.Yanus STUDIO CEO said, “We are  proud to be able to provide a solution to solve the problems of existing facial motion capture. Yanus STUDIO aims to secure data of consistent quality for everyone by completing the entire production pipeline. “We want to contribute to creating a creative work environment by adjusting motion capture data in real-time.”

Yanus STUDIO Company Introduction

Yanus STUDIO is a facial motion capture solution provider comprised of experts with over 20 years of experience. Our product can generate infinite motions and apply personalized styles to the generated motions. Additionally, it is designed to make creative production easier and faster, providing relief to everyone working in 3D animation and game development.

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