Welcome to Clothing Store Simulator’s Grand Opening!  

Run your own fashion boutique as Kiki Games’ immersive simulation game launches on Steam Early Access now!

The time has come to open the doors of your very own fashion business with the Early Access release of Clothing Store Simulator from indie developer Kiki Games. Available now for PC via Steam for £10.99 , $12.99, €12.79, Clothing Store Simulator immerses you in the exciting and busy world of retail fashion. Fans can also grab the game with a limited-time 20% launch discount.

Start your journey to building your fashion empire by learning all the essential business and retail skills needed to set up and run your store. Customise the look and layout of your store, fill your shelves with the latest fashion trends to attract new customers, and practice great customer service to keep them loyal.

Kiki Games has been working with the community and feedback from the Clothing Store Simulator prologue and demo to ensure that today’s Early Access launch is packed with content, including new brands to discover, new clothing types including shoes and hats, ad billboards, new mannequin types, day/night system and warehouse system as well as quality-of-life improvements and fixes.  This is the first phase of Clothing Store Simulator’s development journey, with Kiki Games working to deliver further updates and content drops throughout the Early Access release.

Watch the previously released Early Access release trailer here:

Get ready to build your retail fashion empire in Clothing Store Simulator. Use your in-game computer to manage your inventory, make brand deals, set the selling price of your clothes and order furniture and decorative items to make your store stand out.

Pick up your orders, arrange them on the shelves, hang them on the rails and dress your mannequins to attract new customers. Drop your excess stock in your warehouse and rotate your inventory to keep your fashion range fresh. Don’t forget to grow your customer base by refreshing your inventory, exceeding in customer service and balancing your pricing to follow the market. Will you stay as a small boutique or build a grand store that sets the fashion trends of the city? The Clothing Store Simulator is the beginning of your retail fashion journey.


  • Stay connected – Use the in-game computer to adjust pricing, order new stock, sign brand deals, and follow market trends
  • Customise your store – Rearrange furniture and fixtures, order decorative elements, and expand the shopping zone and the warehouse as your store’s success grows. Move clothing items around and remerchandise stock to the best positions to make the store of your dreams.
  • Secure brand deals – Find and sign new brand deals to expand your store’s clothing catalogue to attract new customers and increase cash flow.
  • Follow the trends – Remove out-of-fashion stock from the shop floor and into the warehouse to free up space for new lines. Find and purchase trending new items to attract fashion lovers to your store.
  • Dress your customers from head to toe – From dresses, shirts, coats, pants and shoes to T-shirts, nightwear, underwear and more, make your store the hottest place for customers to refresh their look. Add more items to your range throughout the game.

Follow Clothing Store Simulator’s development journey on the official website and social media channels:

Website: https://www.clothingstoresimulator.com/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/clothingstoresm

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/clothingstoresimulator

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/clothingstoresim/

Tiktok – https://www.tiktok.com/@clothingstoresimulator

Reddit – https://www.reddit.com/user/clothingstoresim/

About Kiki Games

Kiki Games is a studio dedicated to developing exciting and innovative PC games. Our mission is to combine creative ideas, impressive graphics, and addictive gameplay to provide players with unique experiences. The Kiki Games team works passionately to entertain and delight gamers worldwide, staying true to the art of game development. By prioritizing customer satisfaction and quality standards, we strive to deliver innovative projects that contribute value to the gaming industry.


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