WebAR Experience in “First Man” Takes you to the Surface of the Moon in its Debut

The film First Man, published by Universal Pictures, tells the legend of Apollo 11, in which astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin created history and became the first humans to step on the Moon. For NASA and its outstanding engineers, scientists, administrators and astronauts, its ambitious mission is much more than a single, iconic moment. This is a story about a team making personal sacrifices and taking all risks to push the boundaries of exploration and making it impossible.

The historical moment is shocking and inspiring for many people, and it represents and even surpasses what ordinary humans dream of.

In an interview with Fox 5 entertainment journalist Kevin McCarthy, film director Damien Chazelle talked about how he made the film in a way he wanted to reflect those feelings, and how he immersed the audience in a real way. Clearly, Universal Pictures needed a marketing campaign that included the innovative ideas behind the film.

The marketing team’s solution is WebAR. WebAR is a relatively new concept in the field of marketing that allows you to perform an immersive AR experience through your smartphone’s mobile browser without any third-party applications or hardware. This is a huge advancement in mobile AR, where users need to download additional applications to run the AR experience.

To experience “First Man” in WebAR, simply visit the website via the browser on your phone and authorize the website to access your camera. This allows the website to find points and launch digital content. The most interesting thing about this particular AR experience is that the markup used to launch the program is the moon in reality.

Once activated, you are free to move your phone between the Moon and Mission Control to explore the clips in the upcoming movie. Click on the moon to immediately transfer yourself to the surface of the moon, where you can see directly that Apollo 11 and the American flag stand tall in front of the distant earth. With Mission Control, you’ll join NASA’s team of engineers and technicians in Houston to view a variety of mission control screens, dials, manuals and schematics, as well as ashtray-filled ashtrays, and developers need to keep calm by smoking.

Both the Moon and Mission Control in the AR Experience have links to these links to watch exclusive interviews with former astronauts, film directors and actors, including Ryan Gosling, the role of Neil Armstrong. You can also visit the behind-the-scenes footage of this ambitious movie.

But what happens when the moon hides under clouds or other obstacles? Since you need to point your phone at the moon to launch AR content, the only reasonable response is that you can’t experience it at this time. With this in mind, developers of the First Person of the Moon on the WebAR experience offer an additional mode that allows you to access the AR experience at any time of the day without actually scanning the moon.

Since it does not require additional software or hardware for an instant AR experience, it has shown great potential since its first launch, providing an effective tool for merchants, artists and others who want to promote their services or products.

However, using WebAR as part of the entertainment industry’s marketing activities is a relatively new concept. WebAR’s debut in the entertainment industry is to help promote this film that mainly expresses human beings and constantly explores unknown areas.

“First Man” was directed by Damien Chazelle and was written by Oscar winner Josh Singer. The participating movie stars include Ryan Gosling, Claire Foy, Jason Clark, Kyle Chandler, Corey Stoll, Ciaran Hinds, Christopher Abbott, Patrick Fugit and Lucas Haas.

First Man is released by Universal Pictures and will be screened at the theater and IMAX on October 12.


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