VR Theme Park “The VOID” Cooperate with Disney to Launch 5 VR Projects

Recently, according to foreign media reports, VR theme park The VOID, Lucasfilm (Lucas Film Company), VFX and animation studio Industrial Light & Magic’s VR entertainment department ILMxLAB will jointly create a series of VR entertainment facilities featuring Disney and Marvel’s films. VR project Wreck-It Ralph will be the first to be launched this fall, matching the film “Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2” to be released on November 21.

According to The VOID, these themed VR projects will give visitors an ultra-realistic experience while visitors will wear VR head monitor, somatosensory vests and backpack computers to experience. According to foreign media, the cooperation project will launch five theme projects. In addition to “Wreck-It Ralph”, there is also a VR entertainment facility based on “Unpublished Marvel Movies” (to be launched next year). It is not the first time for the VOID to cooperate with a film company. In 2016, it launched the “Ghostbusters: Dimensions” project before the release of Ghostbusters II, and the company also launched “Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire” project last winter.

The collaboration between The VOID and Disney is also expected. After all, in the summer of 2017, Disney has invested in this venture. The VOID also announced its plan to open a new VR theme park in nine US cities and will continue to expand into the international market in the future.



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