Get Ready to Stir Up Some Magic! The Magical Mixture Mill Released on Steam

Magical new features, main quest conclusion and gameplay enhancements await in V1.0

Witches and wizards, gather round! The enchanting world of potion brewing just got a whole lot more whimsical as The Magical Mixture Mill officially launches on PC via Steam!

Developed by the spellbinding minds at Glowlight and published by the indie sorcerers at HOOK, this game has been simmering in the cauldron of Early Access, brewing up a potion-packed extravaganza!

So, what’s bubbling in the latest version, you ask? Let us sprinkle a little magic your way:

  • Quests Galore: Get ready to tie up loose ends as V1.0 wraps up all quest lines, including the grand finale of the main quest! And guess what? The adventure doesn’t end there as the Alchemical Society feature is introduced to test your skills. Show those ingredients who’s boss!
  • New Class Origins Revealed: Embrace new origins as a necromancer, a paladin, or a druid to unleash you inner magic and use unique abilities.
  • Griselda’s got a new feline friend… Kitty, kitty, kitty!
  • 40 new achievements! Wow… who said potion brewing couldn’t be rewarding?

Quality-of-Life Upgrades: Performance and UI polishing,  bugfixing, smoother logistics, we’ve sprinkled a dash of convenience into every corner of the workshop. Griselda’s never been more organized!

Watch The Magical Mixture Mill V.10 launch trailer here

About The Magical Mixture Mill

Picture this: “an elderly, mushroom-loving witch, a goblin assistant, and a former adventurer with a “mixture intolerance run a potion shop.” What could possibly go wrong? It’s a recipe for lighthearted fun, adventure, and maybe even a few explosions!

A Vibrant, Cozy, and Colorful world! A mix of colorful illustration designs with a pinch of cheeky classic fantasy humor, but still an alchemically cozy experience.

Ingredient Gathering: Venture into diverse biomes, dodge aggressive flora and fauna, and gather exotic ingredients to concoct the perfect potion. Just watch out for those feisty plants—they’ve got a bone to pick!

Customer Satisfaction: Who knew heroes could be so picky? Get to know your clientele, cater to their needs, and watch as they become hooked on your magical brews. Customer loyalty has never tasted so sweet!

The Magical Mixture Mill is now available on Steam for the tasty and magical price of $19.99 / €19.99 / £17.99 with a limited-time 33% launch discount. Trust us, it’s worth every penny—and then some!

So what are you waiting for? Dive into the enchanting world of potion brewing, where every cauldron bubble holds a sprinkle of magic and every customer leaves with a smile (or a potion-induced grin).

Follow us on the official HOOK social channels and let the brewing begin!

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