“Travel! The frog at the bottom of the hole is the ultimate notice. The true and false “Frog Prince” is vying to marry the princess.

Adventure animated film “Travel! The Frog at the Bottom of the Well will be released nationwide on August 18. After the pilot notice, the film released the final notice, and more plots and adventure scenes were exposed. The thrilling plot, the bright colors, the attention to detail, and the cute and cute characters all make the film look forward to soaring. The film was directed by a well-known director, published by Hefei Innovation Symbol Film and Television Culture Company, and released by Beijing Keita Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd.

Travel frog adventure scene exposure picture beautiful and full of oriental aesthetics

The ultimate trailer released this time, exposed more adventure scenes of the protagonist Frog Will traveled. With the “Frogs have dreams, I want to go out and walk” Will, after jumping out of the bottom of the well, I saw the vast sky, the majestic walls, and the bright and fragrant flowers, happy to fly. In order to save the princess, Will can also take the vulture as a mount and enjoy the speed and passion of flying in the sky and the valley. The world is so big, it really worth seeing!

At the same time, the magnificent scenery of the palace and the beautiful scenery of the canyon are fully displayed in front of the audience. There is also a quiet and beautiful underground world, including clear water pools and colorful underwater creatures. The picture is beautiful and full of oriental aesthetics. It is amazing. In particular, the carvings on the stone walls of the waterhole are clearly visible. The quality of the film can be described as a conscience, and some senior animated filmmakers praised that “every frame can be used as a desktop”!

True and false “Frog Prince” fights for marriage with the princess Fairytale love story for all ages

In addition to the big exposure of the adventure scene, the story and characters in the ultimate trailer are more exposed. Although the great villain Bante did not show up, but the prince with the princess childhood sweetheart was cursed in the back garden of the palace, the scene of the tragic frog falling to the bottom of the well was first exposed. The bottom of the frog, Will, was mistaken by the princess as a “prince” and fell into the palace of the princess and the uncle Bunt. In order to help the kind princess, Frog Will decided to pretend to be a prince, to marry the princess, and wait for the opportunity to smash the uncle’s plot.

Finally, how does Frog Will, who loves to travel, defeat the Uncle? Is it love or friendship between him and the princess? Can the returning frog prince change back to the real body? Can his fairy tale love with the princess be able to complete the finale? More suspense is waiting for the film to be released after the weekend. In addition to the joyful adventure, the fairy tale love story of young and old, will also help the film become the best summer movie in the summer of August, “big hand and small hand”.

“Travel! The Frog at the Bottom of the Well is scheduled to be officially released on August 18 and will be screened nationwide from August 15th to August 17th.

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