Tom Hardy’s Studio Photos Published – “Venom”

Recently, the film Venom jointly produced by Columbia Pictures and Marvel Studios of the United States has released a set of materials that made fans scream – Photos of Tom Hardy working in the studio. Fans could finally see the daily work of Tom – sometimes studying the scripts quietly and independently, sometimes interacting with the staff members friendly, sometimes devoting himself to role-playing attentively. Even during the relaxing time between the studios, he seems particularly attractive. With his high-acclaimed performing skills, what kind of sparks will he arouse between the venom and him? How will this symbiosis fight against the ultimate villain riots? Fans are looking forward to knowing this.

As everyone knows, the righteous journalist Eddie Bullock, played by Tom, has been attached by the evil alien creature – venom, who tries to control his behavior and thoughts. The journalist is a role of dual personality that requires excellent performing skill of the actor. Previously, on the San Diego Anime Conference, Tom Hardy once shared: “In the movie Legend I participated in, I was assigned with two roles. I thought that the performing in venom would require the same skill, yet I was Wrong, this time I will ‘play’ with a huge beast with thrilling VFX.” It is not difficult to speculate that before the formation of the visual effect in the post-production, Tom should be like the scene shown in the studio photos, performing without physicals and  imagining the behemoth to be in the front and inside body, talking with and fighting against it. This kind of crazy acting skills are only possessed by Tom Hardy.

In fact, Tom has created a lot of characters with a rough and crazy character. For example, Wayne in the Batman, Max in Mad Max 4, and 18th-century rogue explorer James Keziah Delaney in the BBC TV Series Taboo, these characters and image settings seem to be similar, but each has a different sense of freshness. As the fans said: “Tom Hardy has a special charm, possibly coming from a congenital gentleman’s temperament, which can easily raise the rude image on the big screen to the golden level.” And this ability to turn stones into gold will definitely help shape the role of the “venom”. The marvellous performing skills combined with the mysterious British yuppie temperament of the leading actor may be one of the reasons why Venom became the most anticipated film in the second half of the year in North America.

However, Tom Hardy’s motive for playing the role of venom is casual and cute – his 10-year-old son likes the character very much. The dramatic contrast between this kind of sweetness and his bad-guy appearance also wins Tom a lot of fans, even his close friend Benedict Cumberbatch (the player of Sherlock) called him a “Human Puppy”. However, Tom also used his skills to prove that under the rough appearance, there is also a sweet and lovely heart, and a performing soul that wins appreciation both inside and outside the industry. The magazine Premiere once commented: “Tom Hardy has a kind of original taste. His beautiful and sexy face, can burst and become crazy according to the needs of the character, like the extinct actors that would appear out of nowhere. He can be qualified for blockbusters with a high box office.”


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