The Puppets Awaken! Exclusive Closed Beta Access Invitation for Realm of Ink!

Following the announcement of the new ink-style action roguelite title Realm of Ink, developers Leap Studio and Maple Leaf Studio and indie publisher 663 Games are excited to invite you to join the Closed Beta Test of the upcoming public Steam demo in early January 2024.

The demo will contain the entire first level of Realm of Ink, introduce the story and main characters and finish with the first boss battle, providing a taste of what to expect in the final version.

About Realm of Ink

During the hunt for a cunning Fox demon, the heroine and expert swordsperson Red,  discovers that she is a fictional character within the short story collection called Realm of Ink. Only by unlocking the dark secrets of the Book Spirit will Red discover the truth of her existence and defy her fate.

The story unfolds in a virtual realm called “Realm of Ink,” where inhabitants unknowingly exist as mere fabrications within a fictional world. Controlled by the mysterious Book Spirit, they obediently follow predetermined fates, oblivious to their cyclical lives.

In the Realm of Ink, the puppets awaken – You will initially play as the swordsperson Red before progressively unlocking other characters. With the help of the ancient Scriptbound Fox and the immortal power of the mysterious Fox Blood, you will defeat four Bosses to reclaim your own destiny. During the journey, the long-lost Ink Gems are rediscovered and the truth of the Book Spirit is gradually revealed. Soon, Red and others discover that they are just fictional characters in Realm of Ink. Everything seems to be destined: the old world will collapse while a new world is forming, and the awakened spirits will reshape their true selves amidst countless cycles of destruction.

Exquisite Ink-style Art – From the verdant Buddhist forests, the frigid enchanted Monkey Kingdom, and the gentle yet terrifying waterland to the ancient and reverent ruins of Mausoleum, each of the four themed stages is distinctive. But beware, behind the beautiful scenery, there are numerous lurking demons and hidden perils. What secrets lie in the pasts of the three protagonists and several dozen NPCs? Embrace the challenges and uncover the truths!

Various combinations and builds – Ink Gems have assorted appearances, and they will reinforce one another. Use them to explore diverse builds of martial arts schools and master powerful skills of Yin and Yang to defeat enemies with a single strike.

Discover rare magical treasures – Hundreds of rare magical treasures trigger various unique effects and provide distinctive attribute bonuses, empowering your martial arts schools and allowing you to effortlessly defeat all enemies! You can also engage in long-term character development outside of combat and unlock new combinations of moves and combat styles. With a dual-cycle system inside and outside combat, you’ll have a fresh experience every time!

A journey into the unknown, composed of distinctive stages – Explore a variety of battle stages and routes where you can collect Ink Relics, fortune and magical treasure as well as duels with bosses. In this exhilarating journey into the unknown, you will enter various stages and encounter a diverse cast of NPCs, making the entire journey full of surprises!

Fight alongside your intimate Ink Pets – Mysterious in origin and adorable in appearance, the Ink Pets will be your companions. As the Ink Gems level up, your Ink Pets will also undergo a transformation, becoming more powerful to fight alongside you!

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