The new Identity V hunter Opera Singer officially online, summer Event is coming

NetEase’s first 1V4 Asymmetric Battle Arena Mobile Game “Identity V” is about to be updated, the new hunter Opera Singer Sangria was online on June 21, in her performance, who exactly is the audience! Meanwhile, summer has arrived, the new summer activities was officially launched on June 29, ready to ride the waves with cowboys and explore the mysterious island.

Salvation or Devastation, Opera Singer Background

Fishy liquid, whispers of the psychic, who is really manipulating Sangria’s fate. The abuse of her father, the salvation of the lady, the shadows coming from the light, the woman with the goat symbol painted between eyebrows is lighting up Sangria’s life or enhancing the shadows behind her.

“Pain is the path to rebirth.” In the quiet night, the lamb’s throat was cut, and the sacred candlelight illuminated the chilled face of the Lady. After the ritual of invoking the “gods”, something began to change. The performance became extinct, the theater became ruined, and none of the audience came out alive. The only thing left is an intact cloak hanging in the dressing room with the shadow of goat like a ghost.

Opera Singer Background Story:

Mastering Shadow, Opera Singer skill introduction

Although the theater has been abandoned, Sangria’s performance did not end, Oletus Manor built a brand new stage for her, watching the audience one after another, a new opera is about to start.

External Trait – Shadow Realm

A Shadow Realm of certain width will generate around the objects on the field. Opera Singer can enter Stealth within the Shadow Realm.


Opera Singer can conceal herself in the Shadow Realm with Shadow Leap and enter Stealth. During Stealth, Opera Singer’s movement speed is increased by 8% and she cannot leave the Shadow Realm. Using Shadow Leap to an area outside the Shadow Realm, attacking, interacting, and being affected by control effects such as Knockback and Stun will cancel the Stealth effect.

Shadow Leap

Opera Singer leaps forward at lightning speed. Leaping into a Shadow Realm enables her to enter Stealth, while leaping into another Shadow Realm will refresh this ability’s cooldown and receive a 60% Movement Speed bonus that diminishes over 2 seconds.


Shadow Leap leaves behind a Remnant at the Opera Singer’s original position for 8 seconds.

Shadow Dance

Opera Singer can teleport to any Remnant on the field. Tapping this ability prioritizes the closest Remnant to the center of her vision. If no Remnants exist in her field of vision, then the earliest created Remnant will be prioritized instead.


Hurls a cloak forward, disappearing after traveling for 3 seconds or hitting an obstacle and creating a Shadow Realm in the cloak’s path for 15 seconds.

Shadow Leap – Advanced

Shadow Leap’s distance is increased by 20%.

You can see all her skills in action here:

Ghostly Figure, Opera Singer S costume will be synchronized online

Opera Singer S costume will be on line S27 season essence 1, as well as Forward, Clerk A costume. Come to get them!

Summer is coming, Cowboy suddenly appears in the mysterious island

Sunshine, beach, waves, cactus, and an unlucky cowboy trapped in the island. The big prize fell from the sky so that the Cowboy get a seven-day trip to the vacation village, however, luck always obey laws, the sudden accident forced the Cowboy to be a working boy, the good thing is to see the beauty of the beach and the sun, the days of making money back home will not be too sad. But what waiting for him is not only the beautiful scenery of coconut palm trees and clear water, but also some events beyond his imagination.

On the upcoming summer event, Ethan Wang, Senior Vice President of NetEase Inc, mentioned, ‘This summer event represents our vision for immersive, interactive gaming experiences. We’re excited about the future and redefining what a mobile game can be.’

Sea breeze is bitter, working determines your fate

To go home as soon as possible, the cowboy had to start a week-long working tour. However, the clues are attracting the cowboy’s curiosity about the unknown. Should Cowboy work harder, only for go home, or to explore the truth, to uncover the mystery of the island. Every choice you make will affect the outcome.

With everyone’s exploration and development of the island, those hidden treasures are about to be revealed. By participating in the event, you can get the Cowboy B costume – Island Tourist, Mechanic’s A accessory- Ocean’s Whisper, as well as the event theme Portrait, Portrait Frame, Emote, Sticker, furniture, etc.

Of course, this biggest treasure, is this year’s summer island package, will be on the store on June 29. Contains S costume of Enchantress Tropical Holiday, and A accessory – Coastal Garland.

More treasures are waiting for you. Make sure you log in to “Identity V” on June 29 and visit the island with the Cowboy!

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