“The Legend of Luo Xiaohei” Makes Innovations, Preparing Warming-up Exhibitions for Luo Xiaohei

During the eleventh period, the “Luo Xiaohei Jiji” big film created an unprecedented pioneering work. At the time when the film was not available, the pre-heating of the theme of “Rom Xiaohe” and “Luo Xiaohei’s Home” was held. exhibition. The event was jointly organized by Zhuo Ran Wen Bing and Wanda Park. It was built in Nanchang Wanda Paradise Tenglong Plaza. Numerous and incomparably Luo Xiaohe rushed in from the second element. The scene was spectacular and the form was full of styles. The area of the event is full of various black and black images and decorations. The fans who come to the interactive play seem to have come to Luo Xiaohe’s home and feel the world of Luo Xiaohe. This time, Zhuo Ran Wen Bing and Wanda Park jointly held the “Rom Xiao Hei’s Home” in Nanchang, which is a pre-heating station for the national tour. It has a different meaning.

“Luo Xiao Hei Ji Ji” magnified the move Dabo Meng pet Luo Xiaohei air Nanchang

The event site has carefully designed a series of theme scenes, including 10 “Royal Black Daily” interactive photo zones, Luo Xiaohe FRP Matrix, Luo Xiaohe Healing Cinema, “Little Black Shop” black series of food and so on. During the event, Luo Xiaohe army invaded the Nanchang Wanda Plaza. In the exhibition area, we can see the black 7th birthday, and you can see it sunning at the beach. Fans experience living with Luo Xiaohe here. They take photos with Luo Xiaohe in various scenes and use photos to keep the moment with Luo Xiaohei. There are also nearly a hundred Meng Luo’s black squadrons welcome, the scene is shocking and cute. In addition, in the “Little Black Shop”, there are also various small black products such as cat claw ice cream, “Luo Xiaohei” popcorn, and small black cuttlefish sausage, which attract fans and tourists to buy. It is worth mentioning that this pre-heating exhibition of “Luo Xiaohe’s Home” has an extraordinary significance. It is not only the first time an animated film is held before the film is released, but also the original animated image of China. For the first time, such a large-scale interactive exhibition was held. At the event site, you can see not only many ordinary fans, but also many couples, girlfriends and family groups. Both adults and children are immersed in this endless two-element fun. The popularity and influence of “Luo Xiaohei” can be seen.

Luo Xiaohei shows the original animation charm of China.

“Luo Xiao Hei Ji Ji” is a FLASH cartoon produced by the independent animation producer MTJJ and its studio in mainland China. It was produced in 2011 and updated on the Internet. So far, the online series of “Luo Xiao Hei Ji Ji” series has more than 200 million online games and has 100 million active users. On the watercress, “Luo Xiaohei Ji” scored 9.5 points, commented on tens of thousands of articles, known as the domestic animation conscience. As a protagonist, Luo Xiao’s black man is self-evident, with nearly 640,000 individual Weibo fans and a high level of interaction. Different from the popular features of Fan Opera, its update speed is very slow, and each episode is also very short. Despite this, the enthusiasm of the fans is not diminished, and each time it will cause quite a stir on the corresponding website. This year, a good news has set off a thousand waves on the Internet – “Luo Xiao Hei Ji Ji” big film is being produced and will meet with the audience next year. Once the official news was released, it caused a warm cheer from netizens. Some netizens bluntly said, “I didn’t expect to see Luo Xiaohe’s big movie in my lifetime. I must watch ten games.” “The original drama is very short. This time I can see enough.” !”. Some netizens tweeted, “I look forward to the trailer, will it be more than a episode.” The netizen’s message is not difficult to see everyone’s love for Luo Xiaohe.

It is reported that the “Luo Xiao Hei Ji Ji” big movie will meet the audience in the cinema in the summer of 2019.

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