The first crossover between Identity V and Angels of Death is about to begin!

Manor Escaping Project!

The first crossover between Identity V and Angels of Death is about to begin!

Identity V, the 1v4 asymmetrical survival horror game by NetEase Games, has announced its first crossover with the popular anime series Angels of Death. Surrounded by abandoned buildings, lost memories, and mysterious clues… whatever fate ahead, just run to your goal. Angel’s Manor Escaping Project starts now!

Killing crisis, let’s escape together

The anime series Angels of Death is based on a popular horror adventure game under the same name. Teenager girl Rachel lost all her memories when waking up to find herself on the lowest floor of the basement. She looked everywhere for an exit but meet Zack who holds a big sickle and a bandage on his face. Rachel reached a deal with Zack that he is going to help her escape on the condition of “Killing Rachel”. With the progress of exploration, more and more mysteries gradually surfaced.

After the upgrade on May 31st, the crossover between Identity V and Angels of Death will begin. When you wake up in an abandoned building with huge iron gates, can you solve all the secrets of the building and escape with all the clues and memories left behind? Finish the tasks in the crossover Angel’s Manor Escaping Project to win the essence of the crossover and Lawyer’s A- Costume- Abraham Gray, Portrait- Abraham Gray, graffiti and other exciting awards!

At the same time, the Gift package from the crossover between Identity V and Angels of Death is online too, including the crossover costume “Jake” S-Costume- Isaac Foster, crossover exclusive accessory Jack’s A-accessory- Knife. The long-awaited crossover has also officially launched with the “Little Girl” A Costume-Rachel Gardner, Axe Boy A Costume-Edward Mason, Coordinator A Costume- Catherine Ward, the Professor A Costume- Daniel Dickens and more to come including accessories, portraits and graffiti. What’s more, it only cost 86 inspirations for the single crossover essence lucky draw with the same success rate. Players are not going to get repeated A costumes until they have the whole collection. Many familiar characters and items will be restored in the game to start a destinated escape. Come and explore the manor!

When connected by fate, go find the truth.

Zack is a young murderer with a big sickle and bandages all over his body. If he sees happy people, he can’t restrain the desire to kill. When the Hunter “Jack” wear the S-Costume “Isaac Foster”, what horror and shock will he bring to the manor?

The mysterious girl Rachel, smart and calm, lost her memories as well as her emotions as a human. When survivor “Little Girl” with the name of memory dresses in A-Costume Rachel Gardner, how would she beat the powerful enemy with the strength of memory?

Eddie was born in a graveyard manager’s family, longing for something of his own and is keen to bury bodies with his own hands. When the Hunter “Axe boy”, who also has his own eccentricities, wear A-Costume Edward Mason, could we expect some fun in escaping?

Cathy, a guard who always calls herself a Conviction. She always gives cold punishment when speaking light words. When Survivor “coordinator” wears the brand-new A-Costume, could he hit the opponent’s weakness directly like Catherine Ward accurately?

Danny, who claims to be Rachel’s attending doctor, always speaks and acts in a very gentle way. He has a special obsession with beautiful eyes. Can the “professor”, a survivor who has advanced research on human evolution, satisfy the obsession for blue eyes with his knowledge in the A-Costume Daniel Dickens?

Gray, who claims to be the “Priest” is a mysterious man. His thoughts are hard to guess and actions he takes are hard to understand. When the same seasoned Lawyer changes into A- Costume “Abraham Gray”, can he have the confidence of a priest and be able to survive the pursuit?

Even in the darkest days of life, never give up hope. The first crossover between Identity V and Angels of Death is now on as well as the breathtaking chase and run. Let’s go get it!


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