The First Animated Feature to be Invited to Venice International Film Festival – “The Wind Guardians”

With the opening of the Venice International Film Festival, the animated film “Wind Mantra”, which is being shown in various theaters, was selected as a special film screening for the “Focus on China” market. The producer Tao Hong will be represented as a representative. As the first animated feature film invited to participate in the screening, “Wind Mantra” exudes a strong oriental temperament from the picture, the story or the emotion. It stands on the foundation of Chinese traditional culture, and the unique ‘岚侠’ world will be delivered to more audiences around the world through the big screen of the International Film Festival.

Founded in 1932, the Venice International Film Festival is the oldest film festival in the world and is known as the “father of the International Film Festival.” The “Focus on China” series aims to further strengthen the film, culture and technology exchanges between China and Italy and between China and Europe. It provides an international platform for the exchange and promotion of the film industry between China and Italy, and also creates a new opportunity for Filmmakers from all over the world go to understand the new developments and new status of Chinese films. The producer of “Wind Mantra” said that he hopes to use this exhibition to contribute to the output of Chinese culture.

Oriental culture

“Guardian is the most affectionate confession”

The “Chinese style of the face” is the first impression of most viewers on the “Wind Mantra”. The ancient buildings and monsters based on the curve design in the picture are full of rich oriental flavor. It is reported that hundreds of buildings such as ancient houses, streets, archways and city walls are all strictly in accordance with the arch structure of Chinese ancient buildings, and they strive to be true and not exaggerated. After watching the Chinese style representative Fang Wenshan, he also said that he Look at it.”

The eastern way of feeling in the movie is the most moving. Mother Mei Sister is very hot, and she uses force against her son. However, in order to cure his eyes, he does not hesitate to gamble with his life and embark on the road of rebellion. Ms. Mei’s tenacity, soft and inner, and poorly expressed personality combine the characteristics of most oriental mothers. Many viewers bluntly “think of their mother” and “want to call my mother after watching the movie”. In the end, the movie Lang Ming refused to choose Yu Gongling’s choice, and also conveyed another theme of the East-style emotion. “Guardian is the most affectionate confession.”

“The village” civilization laughs and flies

The audience played the stalk “We are all Wang Fugui”

After the film was released, a large number of fans left a message in the name of “Wang Fugui” and shouted at the director’s brain. Originally in the design of the movie, there was a village called “The Village”. Everyone in the village called Wang Fugui. They sang a sacrifice of the brain like a “shabu” song. This unprecedented “civilization” “Let the audience laugh.” For such a hidden world village, some viewers laughed and commented on “Bone Hole Edition Peach Blossom Source”.

In the footage released today, the history of the village is also exposed. Surprisingly, when the village chief carefully opened the book, it was a simple stroke like a child’s graffiti, and several small people danced like a slide, replaying the story of the year. Coupled with the serious explanation of the village chief, it is unbearable to smile. “This is definitely the most wonderful village I have ever seen and the history of the least tune.” “This animation is a bag, I want to laugh into Wang Fugui.”

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