The digital RMB stock has reached 13.61 billion yuan

CCTV news: From December 2022, financial statistics will include digital RMB data into the currency in circulation category, namely M0 statistical caliber, for the first time. In response, the central bank said that the digital RMB is a digital legal tender issued by the Central Bank, and the inclusion of the digital RMB in the M0 statistics can more accurately reflect the overall size of the currency in circulation.

Digital RMB and physical RMB will be counted together, analyzed together and managed in an integrated manner.

The digital RMB is the digital form of legal tender issued by the Central Bank. Like the physical RMB, it is essentially a monetary component. From the perspective of statistics and management, it is necessary to carry out statistical and combined analysis, and overall management of the two together. With the gradual permutation of the digital RMB pilot scheme across China, the application scenarios of digital RMB are steadily expanding, the transaction amount and stock are also increasing, and the relevant management and statistical system has been constantly improved. According to reports, by the end of 2022, the stock of digital RMB in circulation reached 13.61 billion yuan. Data released by the Central Bank shows that after the inclusion of digital RMB stock in circulation into M0, the balance of currency in circulation in 2022 was 10.47 trillion yuan, increasing by 15.3 percent year on year.

In recent years, with the gradual deepening of the digital RMB pilot, the application scenarios of digital RMB have steadily expanded, and the transaction amount and stock are also increasing.

The Central Bank will promote the pilot research and development of digital RMB in an orderly manner. Financial statistics will also pay attention to the future issuance of digital RMB, continue to improve the top-level design and ecosystem infrastructure, strengthen product and application innovation, gradually establish and improve the management framework, continuously further the effectiveness of the pilot scheme, and release relevant data to the public in a timely manner.

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