“The Adventure of Afanti” Publishing Character Posters

Avanti in our memories – clever, witty, kind, and daring to fight… How we wish to see him again! Separate for 39 years, this wish will finally come true! Following the concept poster, the Character Posters of The Adventure of Afanti has been published – “Intelligent Avanti”, “Loving and Hurting” Grandpa Bayi, “Adorable Pet” Little Donkey, “Weird Elf” Gu Li Immortal, “Mysterious Leader” Hazi – will all appear in joy, embarking on a dangerous journey of adventure, a struggle of wisdom and conspiracy and an innocent and beautiful era. “The Adventure of Afanti” will be on screen on October 1st nationwide!

Character Poster of Avanti


Character Poster of Master Bayi

Character Posters Joyfully Published, Five Animated Characters Lively and Vivid

The character posters of The Adventure of Afanti is joyfully published! The “Representative of Wisdom” Afanti think thoughtfully with a serious expression. With a conspiracy quietly waiting for them, how would Avanti deal with it? “Loving and Hurting” Master Bayi is still adorable and covetous, making the audience love and hate him. In the movie, how Avanti will get along with Master Bayi is a highlight. Distinct from childhood impressions, the “Lovable Pet” Little Donkey becomes more smart in the image with long ears and big eyes. I believe that after the movie is released, the little donkey will become a new generation of pets that win favors. In addition, The Adventure of Afanti has new characters, Fairy Gu Li – “The First Lady of the Grape City”- appears with stunning beauty, wearing bright, looking beautiful and domineering, holding the two ends of Dawazi – a joyful dance or an adventurous challenge? The water-affairs officer Hazi spreads his hands and making people confused – Is it a smile or a hidden knife? The five animated characters have rich expressions and lively images, making people look forward to the arrival of the National holiday on Oct. 1st.

Character Poster of Little Donkey


 Character Poster of the Fairy of Gu Li


Old Flavor + New Elements, The Adventure of Afanti Making the Story More Intriguing

Judging from the role posters published recently, Avanti is still a messenger of justice, glowing with light of wisdom and wearing a beard. Master Bayi is still rich and greedy for money while the little donkey is still a pet. However, converting from Puppet Animation to 3D animation, the delicacy of each character has been greatly improved. The Adventure of Afanti has incorporated “new elements” while retaining the “old flavor”. The appearance of the First Lady of Grape City – Fairy Gu Li and the water affairs officer Harzi has added new highlights to the film, making it more in line with current aesthetic needs and young people’s viewing preferences, making the film more intriguing and lively on the whole! Distinct from the previous one, in addition to showing the wit of Afanti, the movie also presents his other qualities – bravery. An unexpected water shortage breaks the silence, and the intelligent hero Avanti embarks upon a thrilling and dangerous journey with his friends in which he discovers a hidden conspiracy.


character poster of Hazi

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