The 5th Silk Road International Film Festival will Open in Xi’an on October 8th

It was learned from the 5th Silk Road International Film Festival Conference and Launching Ceremony that the 5th Silk Road International Film Festival will be held in Xi’an from October 8th to 13th.

The 5th Silk Road International Film Festival Conference

The theme of this year’s Silk Road International Film Festival is the opening ceremony, the guest country event, the film screening, the film forum, the film review, the national film carnival, the closing ceremony and the awards ceremony. 7 subject units.

Lu Kelun, deputy director of the Shaanxi Press, Publication, Radio and Television Bureau, pointed out that the Silk Road Film Festival has new features and highlights compared with the previous four sessions. First, implement the “One Belt, One Road” initiative. The second is to highlight the new image of Xi’an in Shaanxi in the new era. The third is to prosper and develop the Chinese film industry. The fourth is to implement more Huimin activities. This year’s film festival will be a film culture event that will lead the industry development, newcomers, new generations, and wonderful sharing.

This Silk Road Film Festival was held by Jackie Chan as the image spokesperson, Zhang Jiayi as the promotion ambassador, and Jing Tian as the youth ambassador. Invited Chen Kaige, Yan Ni, Lu Jingwei, Huang Xiaoming, Xu Wei, Ning Hao, Yu Feihong, Guan Xiaotong, Wu Kequn, Guo Tao, Lin Xinru, Chen Zhipeng and other domestic movie stars, Christopher Walken, Argentina, Marcelo Ergen, Argentina, Dennis Wu, Italy Famous foreign movie stars such as Maria Gucciota and 16 crews such as “Fatty Action Team”, “Love You” and “The World Without Turn” will be present with new works. Determined the famous director Xie Fei as the chairman of the jury, the famous American action film director Rennie Haring, the famous Georgian director Marianne Kaqiwani, the famous artist Huo Tingjun, the famous actor Guo Tao, the media judge Li Chunli, Zhang Liwei as the jury member. From 565 Chinese and foreign outstanding films from six continents and 68 countries, the winners of the 2018 Golden Silk Road Media Awards will be selected as “Best of the Best”, “Best Cartoon”, “Best Documentary”, “Best Actor” and “Best Actor”. Good actress and other five awards.

This year’s film festival is more prominent than the previous ones. It has added special activities such as “Young Director Exchange Forum”, “The Movie Debate World”, “Master Carnival” and “Showing Carnival”. During the festival, 147 outstanding films from home and abroad will be screened in 23 theaters, 30 colleges and universities, 10 comprehensive plazas and 100 demonstration communities in Xi’an. Through the film into the colleges, into the community, into the square and other public welfare viewing activities, as well as the selection of folk film awards in universities and citizens, set off a national audience to create a film culture city.



Source: Yangguang Network

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