The 17th China International Cartoon and Animation Festival was successfully completed

The 17th China International Cartoon and Animation Festival was successfully completed with 480 million yuan signed and over 10 million people participating

On this National Day, Hangzhou ushered in the hottest National Day holiday in history. However, what has been as hot as the weather in Hangzhou since September 29 is the 17th China International Cartoon and Animation Festival, a six-day event held by the white Horse Lake in the city’s waterfront. Although strict measures have been taken to prevent and control the epidemic, the festival is still crowded with animation enterprises, experts and scholars from all over the country, and the audience who come spontaneously in costumes, as well as the vast number of netizens who participate online through channels such as “China Animation on cloud” platform and network broadcast platform. They jointly contributed to the reunion of animation industry and fans at home and abroad under the normalized situation of epidemic prevention and control.

On the afternoon of October 4th, the 17th China International Cartoon and Animation Festival was held in Hangzhou. Qi Xiaohu, member of the Standing Committee of Hangzhou Municipal Committee of the COMMUNIST Party of China, minister of Publicity and director of the Executive Committee of China International Animation Festival, attended the meeting and announced the closing of the festival. The chief Editor’s Office of the China Media Group, Zhejiang General Station of the China Media Group, Zhejiang Radio and Television Bureau, Zhejiang Radio and Television Group, hangzhou leaders such as Luo Weihong, Hu Wei, Ding Digang, Ye Jianming, and binjiang district, China International Cartoon and Animation Festival executive Committee member leaders attended the meeting. Deputy minister of the Propaganda Department of hangzhou Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, director of the Municipal Civilization Office, secretary General of the Executive Committee of China International Animation festival Niu Jun announced the achievements of this animation festival.

Qi Xiaohu, member of the Standing Committee of hangzhou Municipal Committee of the COMMUNIST Party of China, minister of Publicity, director of the executive Committee of China International Cartoon and Animation Festival, announced the closing ceremony

Niu Jun, secretary general of the Executive Committee of the China International Cartoon and Animation Festival, announced the results

This animation festival is a large cultural exhibition held after the cultural work conference of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee. It is an exploration and practice of Hangzhou to implement the spirit of the conference, promote the leapfrog development of cultural industry, and strive for the high quality development of Zhejiang and the construction of common prosperity demonstration area city example. In the past 6 days, centering on the theme of “Enriching the New Era · Creating the future with animation”, the exhibition has achieved a complete success by scientific epidemic prevention, effective flow control, slimming content, unreduced quality, safe and orderly, and civilized viewing. It has achieved the effect of “frequent offline highlights and colorful online”.

By October 4, the preliminary statistics showed that despite the epidemic and unprecedented challenges in preparation, the festival still attracted 56 countries and regions, 335 Chinese and foreign enterprises and institutions, 4,031 exhibitors and professionals to participate in various activities online and offline, and conducted 1,646 one-on-one negotiations. The on-site contract amount is 480 million yuan. More than 13 million people participated in the festival both offline and online through the “Cloud China Comics” platform. The main achievements are reflected in six key words, namely the safest, Chinese red, number of intelligent, heavy results, promoting culture, bright brand.

In order to ensure the safety and order of the festival, Hangzhou made full use of digital, intelligent and refined epidemic prevention and control measures to ensure the health and safety of participants and the general audience. All participants and visitors are required to check negative nucleic acid test report within 48 hours, “Hangzhou Health code” and “double green code” travel card before entering the venue.

All personnel information is connected to “Hangzhou Health Code” big data center to ensure information traceability. The industry expo uses real-name online booking to control the flow of people by limiting the number of tickets issued. Although the audience is much smaller than in previous years, they are loyal fans, enthusiastic as ever, and the energy is overwhelming.

This year coincides with the centennial birthday of the Communist Party of China, and the festival is held during the National Day holiday, so “China red” has become the theme color. This year’s China International Cartoon and Animation Festival launched the theme exhibition of “Always Follow the Party” red animation to pay tribute to the centennial elegance, focusing on the display of “Never Changed”, “Snowy Forest” and other excellent red animation works.

“Golden Monkey award” competition specially added red animation awards, selected from more than 130 works submitted on the theme of red animation special award, three red animation excellence awards. Combine with National Day holiday, launch theme animation flash to stimulate patriotic feelings. The National Radio and Television Administration released the fourth socialist Core Values promotion works and issued certificates at this year’s China International Cartoon and Animation Festival. The “Peace China” program of the Central Political and Legal Commission of the CPC Central Committee showcases the achievements of “animation training” of prisoners. Fire, public security, volunteers and other departments have carried out vivid publicity with animation as the carrier. In the animation industry expo, many enterprises also carefully arranged rich and diverse red culture content.

This animation festival has built a platform of “Chinese animation on cloud”, 3DVR live exhibition hall and live interactive digital large screen, enriching the new infrastructure achievements of China International Animation Festival. Professional audiences from 47 countries and regions, including the United States and the United Kingdom, participated in the online one-to-one negotiation. Joe D ‘Albrosia, Senior Vice President of Original Programming at Disney, participated in the master class via video link to deliver a special lecture.

In order to make up for the regret that many fans could not attend the scene, we launched a series of online activities, such as new media live broadcast, Douyin Challenge and Weibo interactive topics, which received more than 330 million page views, an increase of 50% compared to the same period last year. In the animation industry Expo, each booth combined with their own reality, fully display virtual reality and other digital application innovation results.

This year’s animation festival focuses on the transformation of industrial achievements. The series of industry Summit forum activities will explore the cutting-edge trend of high-quality development of animation industry in the new era. The dialogue program of CCTV discusses the competitiveness and influence of cross-border integration of animation industry from three dimensions: animation + national trend, animation + digital and animation + scene. A total of 132 projects involving animation, comics, games and derivative products participated in the venture capital conference, and for the first time launched “Script Game Industry Conference” and “Animation industry legal Service Training session”.

80% of the finalists of “Golden Monkey Award” participated in the venture capital process, and 6 works were signed with intention on site. It is the first time to hold a promotion meeting for key exhibitors, focusing on showing the presence of exhibitors and boosting the confidence of enterprises in development.

This animation festival advocates “National Animation and Cartoon, National Style, Chinese Fashion”, fully demonstrates the IP style of National Animation and Cartoon, holds “National fashion X dimension” costume runway show, launches song costume runway show special show, promotes the inheritance and promotion of excellent Traditional Chinese culture such as song yun culture.

Whether “77-year-old Grandmother wears Hanfu to Visit Comic Con” or “Hangzhou City built with 180,000 Lego Pieces”, they not only became the most eye-catching hot spot at the scene, but also appeared on the hot search list, ranking at the forefront of the city. In Hangzhou, the capital of animation, animation is becoming a popular fashion culture among the public and a way for young people to express their confidence.

This animation festival broke the regular publicity cycle, formed a strong publicity in a short time, and created a good public opinion atmosphere.

The press campaign was great. As of October 3, CCTV has published 167 articles on news Broadcast, Dialogue and other programs and new media platforms. People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, China Daily and other central and provincial and municipal mainstream media have reported. The national learning platform of “Learning Power” offers special topics and focuses on recommendations.

The online publicity was brilliant. As of Oct 3, nearly 260 million people had read related topics on New media platforms such as Douyin and Weibo. More than 330 million topics were viewed online during the festival.

Social propaganda vivid image. To make the city image of “animation city” more vivid, we carefully planned the popularization of epidemic prevention, animation to celebrate the National Day together, and creative short videos of public security and traffic police.

The channels of external communication are diversified. Through CGTN, Hangzhoufeel and other platforms, using English, French, Japanese and other 30 languages, to spread the grand event of this animation festival and Hangzhou city style to overseas audiences.


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