Sweden Game Conference is bringing the gaming industry together

Sweden Game Conference is Europe’s leading conference for students, startups and indie developers. Much has changed this year, but the conference will continue to bring the gaming industry together by going online from Skövde, Sweden, on October 21-23.

Despite the current situation and all the challenges that it brings the ambition of Sweden Game Conference is still to offer similar opportunities for the participants as it has done before.

“Our ambition is to elevate Swedish computer game startups in an international context through Sweden Game Conference. By inviting Swedish studios and clusters outside our own community everybody will benefit from a bigger body and create opportunities for Swedish computer game startups to grow and expand” said Magnus Ling, Project Manager for Sweden Game Arena.

The conference begins on October 21 with focus on business for startups and indie developers. In addition to talks and panels Sweden Game Arena offers matchmaking and a digital expo where companies can present their projects to international investors, publishers and the media within the games industry.

On October 22-23 the conference continues with focus on game students. It will be a combination of live streams for digital attendees and physical presence for students at University of Skövde that will be able to attend in person if preferred. Talks will be based on program orientation such as art, programming and music along with engaging and inspirational sessions.

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Source:Sweden Game Arena

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