Superights scoops up 3 new deals to add to its catalog!

Superights is proud to announce the signing of three brand new distribution deals. The acquisition of these series aimed at both children and family demonstrates the dynamic expansion of Superights’ catalog. These three fresh, original, and engaging programs will fulfill the expectations of the company’s impressive portfolio of clients.

Croco Doc (26 x 7′)

In this program’s colorful universe, minor injuries are no longer scary. The reason? The nice doctor Croco Doc sweetly and carefully explains to us their causes and cures. All the animals in his neighborhood rush to his door for consultations and leave reassured! Co-produced by Croco Doc AIE, Buenpaso Films, Nuts Ideas and RTVE, CROCO DOC is the first children’s series dedicated to exploring health issues in an amusing and educational way. The production is completely finished and all episodes are ready to be broadcast. Introduced through a trailer at Mipjunior 2020, CROCO DOC was amongst the 30 most viewed programs. Superights will be in charge of the distribution of the worldwide rights, except for Spanish-speaking territories such as Spain and Latin America, which will be distributed by RTVE.

Hidden Waste (26×2’30”)

Co-produced by Causette Prod and La Station Animation, HIDDEN WASTE reveals sources of pollution in daily life and teaches fun ways everyone can limit waste to benefit the planet. Whether you are a child, a parent, a tourist, a carnivore or an adept of new technologies, all populations are concerned and challenged by the environmental issue. The series explains in a humorous and helpful way how to reduce our daily environmental footprint. The production is completely finished and all episodes are ready to be broadcast. Superights holds worldwide distribution rights, excluding France and Belgium territories reserved for the producers.

Giuseppe (1×26′)

GIUSEPPE tracks the adventures of a little hedgehog whose only dream is to see snow. But when the cold arrives, so does the winter ghost! Legend says that the ghost comes down from the mountains to catch little hedgehogs who don’t want to hibernate…

Co-produced by Nadasdy Film, Les Films du Nord and LaBoîte Productions, this charming 2D animation preschool special offers a touching story for children. Currently in production, delivery is scheduled for fall 202


Source:Sylvia Guirand、Conceptrice-rédactrice, attachée de presse

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