A Love Letter to Animators: “Animation 100”

As children who grew up watching cartoons, we have grown up, but the vivid memories of the joy and emotions that cartoons brought us remain forever. With a pen that writes beautifully, re-painting a 100-year-long scroll, the youth media documentary “Animation 100” produced by Beijing Broadcasting Television Station’s Kaku Children’s Television, guided by the Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Administration, will be available online from May 10th, every Friday at 12:00, on iQiyi, Youku, Tencent, and Bilibili. “Animation 100” tells the 100-year “pilgrimage” of Chinese animation from a children’s perspective and with innovative expression, re-telling the story of Chinese animation’s 100-year journey. It explores a new form of children’s documentaries and has been praised by authoritative media such as the Guangming Daily, China Art Daily, and Guangdian Time Review.

The film is a self-selected project funded by the Ministry of Propaganda of the CPC and the “Four Batches of Talents” project, as well as a funded project by the Beijing Broadcasting and Television Network and Video and Audio Visualization Development Fund. It has also won the “Top Ten Proposals” award at the First China Documentary Conference Proposal Conference and the Social Responsibility Award at the 7th Beijing Cultural and Creative Industry Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.

The high-profile media platforms such as Study Strong Country, China Youth Network, Tencent News, Sohu News, Weibo, WeChat, Douyin, Kuaishou, iQIYI, Youku, and Tencent Video, as well as social media platforms like Bilibili, synchronized their voices to promote the documentary “Animation 100” through various forms of images and videos. Themed promotional videos such as “The First Person of Chinese Animation” and “Over 100 Chinese Animation People Devoted Themselves to ‘Animation 100′” and “The Traditional Ink Painting Revives in the Animation World” received over 100,000 likes, and the “#Animation 100: Love and Inheritance of Chinese Animation across a Century” topic on Weibo has garnered over 6 million views.

A century of animation history, a path of collective progress. Created by Beijing Broadcasting Television Station’s Kaku Children’s TV, “Animation 100” uses exquisite stories to connect the century-long history, is a vivid and lively, interesting, informative, and warm documentary; it uses a childlike tone to soften the historical narrative, is a documentary that children can understand; it uses animation art to reflect the background of the times, is a documentary that witnesses social changes.



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