Style3D, harmoniously blending AI with 3D technology

Launched in 2015, Style3D is committed to the digitalization of the fashion industry, in line with a global strategy for sustainable development.Leveraging industry-leading simulation technology, we enhance cost-efficiency while reducing the waste associated with physical garment samples.

Core Technologies and Impact:

– Style3D iWish: Utilizes AI to generate realistic model avatars and localized virtual photoshoots, reducing the need for physical models and extensive travel.

– Style3D iCreate: Employs AI to analyze current trends and automatically generate fashion designs, offering designers a powerful tool to inspire creativity and accelerate the design cycle.

– Style3D Studio & Cloud: These platforms deliver detailed soft-body simulations and real-time simulation, giving designers a true-to-life view of how fabrics will behave, which is crucial for making informed design decisions.

-3D/2D.Connect:This tool synchronizes 3D simulations with 2D patterns, drastically cutting down the time from design to prototype, fostering a more sustainable model by reducing waste.

– Style3D MixMatch: Offers a virtual try-on experience, enabling consumers to see garments on avatars that closely resemble their own dimensions, enhancing the shopping experience and reducing returns.

CEO’s Vision:

Founder and CEO of Style3D, Mr. Eric Liu, explains, “Our technology isn’t just about simulating reality—it’s about improving it. Each tool we develop is geared towards solving real-world problems, from reducing the carbon footprint of traditional photoshoots to enhancing the precision of garment fitting.”

Cultural and Creative Shifts:

At one recent marketing events, we showcased our ‘ text-to-image’ technology, which translates textual descriptions into detailed fashion sketches. This glimpse into the future demonstrated how AI could not only streamline but also democratize design, making it accessible to budding designers without extensive resources.

The fashion industry is traditionally slow to embrace change, yet with AI and 3D technologies, we’re witnessing a shift towards a more inclusive, sustainable, and  innovative future. Style3D is actively working to bridge gaps between traditional craftsmanship and digital efficiency.

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