Style 3D is calling on YOU to #RecreateOlympicFashion!


The #RecreateOlympicFashion challenge is organized by Style3D, coinciding with the Olympic Games. This is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your talent and creativity on an international stage.

In addition to numerous exciting prizes, outstanding work will have the chance for future cooperation.

  • Top designs will be showcased at Styleverse Paris during the Olympics
  • $4,000 USD total prize + bonuses
  • A chance to make your mark on the world stage

Join for the international design competition “Recreate Olympic Fashion with Style3D”! We are inviting all creative 3D designers and enthusiasts to participate and produce imaginative designs using our cutting-edge software.

Don’t miss out on this chance to shine! Submit your works through the link NOW!

Submission Link:

For more information, please watch our webinar replay:

WebinarReplay Link:

In this replay video, you can learn how to utilize Style3D Studio, a 3D Garment Design Software, effectively and create outstanding designs for the competition.

  • 01 Introduction of Olympic Design Competition
  • 02 The Role of Style3D in Fashion Production Chain
  • 03 Key Power Features of Style3D Studio
  • 04 Download and Learn to Use Style3D, Get a 30-day Free Trial
  • 05 How to Create a Stunning Piece of Sportswear
  • 06 Access to Resources for 3D Garment Design Courses

Join the Discord group for the Olympics Campaign to get first-hand information and more software benefits!

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