Streaming Media Video Alliance Published a Report to Discuss the Current Situation of 360-Degree Video

Recently, the Streaming Video Alliance has released a new report describing the current situation of 360-degree Panorama video and VR video, and predicting the future of VR video.
The Streaming Video Alliance is an industry forum dedicated to improving video experience. It viewed 360-degree video as “a revolution to traditional video content,” and pointed out that entertainment companies and traditional businesses are trying to apply new videos.

The report points out that VR video is still in its early stage of development, but companies and developers have seen the huge potential to tell stories or display branded ads of this new medium.
According to reports, the report aims to understand the market of 360-degree video and the technology behind it, and to study the methods adopted by content creators and challenges they faced at this stage.
Alliance Executive Director Jason Thibeault said: “We hope this report will provide reference for companies or developers making 360-degree videos.”

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