Strange Horticulture is now live on iOS and Android!

 Celebrated plant-based occult puzzle game spreads its roots to all available mobile platforms with an iOS and Android release.

PID Games, Bad Viking and Iceberg Interactive are delighted to announce that Strange Horticulture is now available on the App Store & Google Play at an SRP of $4.99/4.99€!

Strange Horticulture originally launched on PC in January 2022, to very positive reviews. With the Mobile version releasing today, the acclaimed occult puzzle game has spread its roots to yet another platform.

If you missed our previous communications, here is what you can expect by taking part in the mysterious story of Undermere:


Welcome to Undermere, a quaint town surrounded by hag-infested  forests and rugged mountains. You are the horticulturist, owner of a local plant store. As a cast of colorful customers come by your shop, you are quickly thrust into an occult mystery stretching back hundreds of years.


  • An ever-growing collection: Find and collect unusual plants, from hypnotic hallucinogens to powerful poisons.
  • Identify your plants: Being a good horticulturist means knowing your product and deciding whether to help your customers or not…
  • Influence the story: Your choices matter!
  • Redesigned for mobile: Accessibility options, performance settings, and a new layout. We worked hard to provide the best experience possible for the player!



Genre: Puzzle

Platforms: Android, iOS

Developers: Bad Viking

Publishers: PID Games, Iceberg Interactive

Release date: 26/03/2024

Price: $4.99/4.99€ ​ ​

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