RED CARPET STUDIO reveals details of the global premiere of THE BUGABOOZ, their flagship new animation project.

The Bugabooz is an animated show following the descendants of several mythical villains adapted from The Extraordinary Adventures of The Bugabooz, a book series by the studio’s general producer Anton Kalinkin.

The next generation was destined for big evil deeds but at some point, the youngsters chose to use their magic for a good cause, for a change. They are now busy helping children deal with their fears. On top of that, The Bugabooz must guard the enchanted forest and their magical heirlooms from the evil Xengel who is trying to get hold of the ancient magic and strike terror into humans. The slogan of The Bugabooz goes: ‘Everybody cheer! The Bugabooz are here! To make your fears disappear!’

‘We imagined the offspring of the legendary fairytale characters such as Baba-Yaga, Zmei Gorynych, the dragon, Koschei the Deathless, the immortal villain, Leshy the forest spirit and Undina the mermaid. The values of the next generation are much more humane. So, we explain the myths to the kids in a relatable way while embarking on a thrilling adventurous journey with edutaining elements,’ says Anton Kalinkin, General producer at Red Carpet Studio.

The new series for preschoolers is being developed by an international super team of award-winning Russian, Canadian, Danish, and American professionals, including James Backshall, an EMMY and BAFTA nominee with 25 years of successful film and TV industry experience, writer of PAW Patrol, Max & Ruby, and Turbo Dogs. The director is Frederik Budolph-Larsen (Tag Film), a professional with over 25 years of experience in visual media. Frederik helmed 20 episodes of Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures, Lego Star Wars: All-Stars, Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu and the upcoming Playmobil show. On top of that, Frederik worked on Hitman: Blood Money, Hitman: Absolution and a number of other AAA video games. ‘This was my first experience working with a Russian company, and It has been a privilege. The Bugabooz is an amazing project with global potential easily capable of matching their European and American counterparts. The production management is really top class. I am sure that the stories we create here, will give tender memories and inspiration to the next generations’, says Frederik Budolph-Larsen, The Bugabooz director.

The series is designed to develop cognitive skills and propose an easy, playful way to control fears. The project is based on specialist expertise in child development, psychology, and sociology.

‘The world premiere of the pilot will take place at the MIPTV while the official teaser will be launched at Kids Russia international fair next year along with other new projects slated for 2022. All of them are co-produced with international partners in two languages, Russian and English. The TV premiere of The Bugabooz is taking place on one of the biggest TV channels,’ says Natalia Ivanova-Dostoevskaya, deputy general producer for animation at Red Carpet Studio.

The RED CARPET STUDIO was established in 2001. It offers integrated film and TV content production focusing on innovative creative and technological solutions for online formats.  The company has established a unique ecosystem aimed at boosting and promoting the Russian web series industry, including the Realist Web Fest, Chitka (‘read-through’) festival of film adaptations, Digital Reporter Russia media platform, the Web Market award and the Association of Web Series Productions.


RED CARPET STUDIO KIDS is a targeted division since 2019. It is focused on production and international distribution of animated content for children.





Source:Red Carpet Studio

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