“Smallfoot” Exposed the Feature Starring the Most Powerful Cast, Including Channing Tatum and LeBron James

The Hollywood fantasy animated film “Smallfoot” produced by Warner Bros. today revealed a feature starring “the most powerful cast”. How can the most adorable yeti win support of the most powerful dubbing team, in the latest exposed feature, Channing Tatum, NBA superstar Lebron James, charming goddess Zendaya, the famous rapper Koman and many other masters have appeared in heavy weight, and they have interpreted the behind-the-scenes stories of the snow monsters! In the feature, the yeti’s discussion and exploration of the exsistence of the “small foot” human beings is even more interesting and hilarious. On October 19th, let’s embark on the happy adventures of the “big feet” and “small foot”!

Cross-border male gods gather together in a circle of powder. Skills are different and funny.

As the most anticipated Hollywood animated film in October, the super lineup of “Smallfoot” attracts a large number of fans. The only snow monster in the film that has seen the small feet is the singer of the charismatic “Channing Tatum”. In the movie, the of Stone Keeper, who held a completely opposite position against Migo, is dubbed by the well-known rapper Common. In the feature, Migo and Stone Keeper held a heated discussion on whether the small feet are real. Migo tried to prove that she had seen the little feet with excitement while the Stone Keeper comforted the villagers that they did not exist with a mysterious and calm touch. The two people’s distinct personality and attitude towards the small feet made this snow mountain adventure more joyful. Add unlimited fun! Surprisingly, the NBA superstar “Zhan Huang” LeBron James is a cross-border voice. He confidently evaluates his cross-border performance as: “I am more like a fat man than everyone else.” In the feature, as a new and old member of the “Little Feet Research Institute”, the snow monster Migo and Fulin laughed and screamed at the “madness” of the fat man, which highlights the uniqueness and cuteness of the “big fat”.

The Goddess of Strength Shared a Joyful Feast, Beauty of Snow Mountain Combining Wisdom and Humor

The snow-capped youths are happy while the snow-capped beauties are blossoming. The charming goddess Zendaya voices Meechee – the daughter of village chief, and will also sing the songs. In the special edition, Meechee’s appearance is beautiful and luminous. As the leader of the “Smallfoot Research Institute”, she is also a combination of the beauty and talent in the film, which arouses the admiration of the snow monster Migo. In the special series, Meechee’s sister Snow Monk also made a funny appearance. Gina Rodriguez, the goddess of strength who voices Kolka, explained: “We have a very cute character like Kolka in our voicing roles.”  In the special edition, Kolka was enthusiastic when he first saw human Persy, and he shot it on the ground, which made him more happy. A large number of stars sang, the awesome characters were gradually revealed, on October 19th, looking forward to the funny experience of snow monsters and humans’ first encounters, with the fancy turning points arousing mad laughters!

The fantasy adventure animated film “Snow Monster Adventure” made by Warner Bros., voiced by Channing Tatum (“Kingsman: The Golden Circle “), NBA superstar Lebron James, Charming Goddess Zendaya Coleman (“Spider-Man: Homecoming”) and well-known comedian James Kimberley Corden (“Peter Rabbit”) will be released nationwide on October 19th.

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