Skate Fish Coming Soon to iOS and Android

Welcome to a world where the only way to catch fish is to impress them! Customize your character, board, and fishing rod, and ride your way through chill environments–each with its own species to angle and obstacles to skate. Use two-finger touch controls to flip your board, grind ledges, and perform tricks as you become a skate-fishing legend and catch fish to help populate the local aquarium.

Watch the Skate Fish  trailer here:

Key Features of Skate Fish include:

  • Nostalgic finger-deck skateboarding emulated through two-finger touch controls that allow you to flip, grind, and slide your way to fishdom fame.
  • Three unique locations, each with its own discerning marine creatures to impress.
  • Customize your deck, trucks, tape and fishing gear to show off your style.
  • Skate Fish will be available on iOS via the App Store and Android via Google Play on March 28.

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