She Drew That 2023 Animation Salary Report

U.K.animation org She Drew That released its second annual Salary Report, a snapshot of salary data reported by animation workers in the territory.

She Drew That is a community of women in the animation industry.

She Drew‘s focus is on the promotion, support, and development of women in the UK animation industry. Through community, She Drew intends to support the growth of female talent within a male-dominated industry. Through the various programmes She Drew intend to promote and develop women’s skills to reach senior roles within the industry. And through our resources, She Drew intends to demystify the industry and create more access to jobs at every level. She Drew’s mission is to open the industry up to more women and inspire them to reach further and achieve their goals.

The survey asked members of the U.K. industry questions about gender, work roles, seniority, salaries, and the industry at large. Data was collected between October and December of 2023 from 504 participants. That’s nearly a three-fold increase over last year’s 171 participants.

Now for the second year in a row, She Drew That has recently unveiled its 2023 Salary Report. With slightly modified questions from the 2022 survey, and a much bigger pool of responses (504 across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland as well as some working outside the U.K., compared to 171 in 2022), the second report was generated from confidential data analyzed by an independent researcher. While the sample size is still small and unrandomized, the report offers some much-needed insight.

She Drew That made a commitment to carry out further salary surveys for the next two years to provide workers in the industry with more information about real time salary rates and use the findings to support any further analysis and discussion.

The 2023 Salary Report shows the survey’s findings, draws comparisons and comment themes, as well as provides recommendations for the industry and points for further discussion.

Dowload the report here:

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