Ryoma! The Prince of Tennis

The Japanese animated film directed by Hiroshi Kamijina, “Ryoma! The Prince of Tennis” is adapted from the manga “Prince of Tennis” created by Konomi Takeshi and is scheduled for release in mainland China on December 23, 2022, which is the first 3DCG theatrical version in the history of “Prince of Tennis”.

In order to refine his tennis skills, Ryoma comes to America alone. During a street match, Ryoma accidentally goes back in time and is able to appreciate his father’s heroic performance on the tennis court in his youth. The two encourage each other and improve together. However, their companion Ryuzaki got kidnapped by mysterious forces. In the process of rescuing him, Ryoma and his father accidentally discover that the enemy is also a tennis master. A legendary tennis match taking place far from home, testing the love of kinship, officially begins.

As an internationally popular IP, “Prince of Tennis” has become a hot-blooded sports manga that Chinese youths continue to admire, along with a host of other classic sports anime such as “Slam Dunk” and “Captain Tsubasa”. Echizen Ryoma reaps a lot of male and female fans with his sunny and handsome character image and cool ball strikes, and has become an inspiration for many youngsters to embark on the path of tennis.

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