Railroad Corporation 2 Debuted The Next Exclusive Demo at Steam’s Next Fest


Become a Railroad Magnate at the turn of the 20th century Strategize as you lay tracks, balance finances, and deploy locomotives to ferry goods across vast landscapes.

All aboard! Corbie Games, the creators of the popular Railroad Corporation series, and publisher Iceberg Interactive are excited to announce the release of the Next Fest demo for Railroad Corporation 2. This enhanced preview features significant updates and major features

About Railroad Corporation 2

The full version of Railroad Corporation 2 will allow you to embark on the dawn of electrification and pioneer a new era of the railroad in this tycoon strategy game. Establish your railroad corporation at the turn of the 20th century by building extensive routes, upgrading your network with historic electric and diesel locomotives, and staying ahead of your competition.

Your track to success focuses on economic processes, requiring strategic decisions to increase your income. Each locomotive is based on its historical counterparts and boosts different statistics, so keen selection is crucial for every situation. Expand your corporation, cultivate cities, construct industry facilities, control production, and engage in online multiplayer competition or collaborative co-op play.

Demo Content

Your goal in the exclusive Next Fest demo of Railroad Corporation 2 is to set up your network and deliver one of three final products. Here, you’ll get a firsthand experience of the core mechanics, and the enhancements that shape the sequel.

Electrification Era and Expanded Railroad Building: Get a firsthand look at the electrification mechanics, including the use of a cutting-edge electro-locomotive. Create intricate networks with crossings, tunnels, and bridges, bringing a new dimension to city connectivity.

Signal Mechanics and Larger Territories: Enhance track efficiency with signaling mechanics, using semaphores to ensure smooth locomotive flow. Explore a map twice the size of its predecessor, offering expansive landscapes to conquer and develop.

Headquarters and Department Management: Choose a city for your primary headquarters, aligning with your business strategy, and decide on optimal locations for train stations. Establish and manage your Research Department to hire scientists for developing new locomotives, and a Geology Department to obtain land rights, explore resources, and establish new settlements.

Staff and Operational Insights: Hire staff for both geology and research departments, with staff providing benefits to core mechanics like track building and maintenance. Utilize updated reporting tools to gain better insights into your railroad operations.

As players explore the Next Fest demo in June, some features will be locked in the demo until the feature is ready to be implemented for release. These include the multiplayer mode, certain departments, and other locomotives. Nevertheless, the Next Fest demo allows players to delve into the core mechanics, such as building railroads, bridges, tunnels, and slopes, acquiring locomotives, establishing your office, managing it’s departments and staff, constructing train stations, controlling production facilities, and transporting cargo.

Do not miss this opportunity to explore the future of railroad tycoons. Join the Railroad Corporation community during Steam’s Next Fest by wishlisting and following on Steam, and be among the first to experience the exciting world of Railroad Corporation 2. Stay ahead of the competition with the latest Railroad Corporation 2 news on our Discord, X (FKA Twitter), and Facebook.

Steam – https://store.steampowered.com/app/1677970/Railroad_Corporation_2/

About Corbie Games:

A developer of realistic sim games. Corbie Games has been active on the market with projects such as Bounty Train and Railroad Corporation.

About Iceberg Interactive:

Iceberg Interactive is an independent video game publisher founded in 2009 by an international group of game industry veterans. Located in Haarlem, The Netherlands, and staffed with avid gamers, Iceberg works closely with an assembly of game developers around the world, both midsize and indie.

Known for many hit franchises including Killing Floor 2, Maneater, and Circle Empires; the company has enjoyed recent success with PC titles such as Strange Horticulture, Blazing Sails, Chivalry 2, Land of the Vikings, CLeM, Hellbreach: Vegas, Minicology and AirportSim. Iceberg Interactive has many exciting games coming up, including Strange Antiquities, Dead Season, Second Sun, and Railroad Corporation 2 (PC). To learn more, please visit www.iceberg-games.com.


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