Prehistoric Kingdom’s MASSIVE Update

Launched on Dec 22. Prehistoric Kingdom has a massive update.

The Jordan Desert

Build amongst the sands of our new locale, Bahr Harin. Inspired by the Jordan desert, this location provides a unique look in Prehistoric Kingdom – offering endless horizons and towering cliffs.

Alongside its sparse yet hardy vegetation, two rocky outcrops stand tall within the playable area. A remnant of the past, these formations can be flattened, built on, or built around.

The Desert Biome

Even the hottest conditions are not without plants! The desert biome uses a selection of flora from around the world, offering 9 new species of vegetation (24 plants total).

These plants provide excellent vegetation for the latest arrivals coming in Update 1.1 – a perfect home for some beautiful but deadly theropods.


Language Localization

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