Once Human unveils Beta Test with new Multiplayer Trailer, announces Mobile version

Next Beta of the SCP-inspired open-world survival game for PC and mobile, introduces brand-new Deviant feature

Developer Starry Studios has unveiled a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming supernatural multiplayer game, Once Human. The trailer showcases various survival adventures with crews in an anomalous world, with hints of exciting new features including the new Deviant gameplay. Furthermore, the team has announced a new beta test plan with major updates for both PC and a brand new mobile version.

Join the Beta: https://bit.ly/3uJgkO0

Watch the Trailer:

Once Human is an SCP-inspired multiplayer open-world survival game, where teams of players use firearms and supernatural abilities to survive against the unknowable and powerful Aberrant creatures that threaten the last remnants of mankind. Players must band together to unite survivors, rebuild the territory, and uncover the mysteries of their enemies – or risk destruction.

The game is currently ranked #2 on the STEAM wishlist for most anticipated multiplayer online survival game. It garnered significant player attention during its last Beta, with over 300,000 sign-ups within a week, and has so far garnered more than 330,000 Discord community members.

New feature, new monster and new area available in the upcoming Beta

A variety of innovative gameplay elements will show up in the next Beta. They include new monsters showcased in the trailer, featuring a creature with a drill bit head, as well as formidable new bosses.

Additionally, players can explore the much-anticipated Eternaland, a new personalized area where they have the freedom to construct diverse buildings, explore territories, and solve puzzles. Furthermore, following the advice of players in the previous Beta, a brand-new PVP season will make its debut in this upcoming test!

New trailer demonstrates multiplayer gameplay

With the announcement of the Beta, Once Human released an exciting new trailer, which demonstrates the numerous in-game multiplayer gameplay modes available as players team up to explore the anomalous world and gather resources to build their shelter. They can also delve into aberration-ridden caves, board long-legged buses in search of treasure, and defend their territory from monsters alongside their comrades.

At the end of the video, a player is accompanied by a magic alpaca, who instantly produces a rabbit from a hat that can be used as a food source, making people wonder if this could be a clue that a pet or companion gameplay will be coming in the future.

To learn more about Once Human, follow the game’s social media pages and wishlist it on Steam. Once Human is planned to launch in Q3, 2024.

To learn more about Once Human, visit:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OnceHuman-108731781483917/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/OnceHuman_

Discord: https://discord.gg/oncehuman

Website: https://bit.ly/3uJgkO0

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