Old School RuneScape Winter Summit Reveals 2024 Roadmap

Brand new area expansion, iconic RuneScape quests, overhauled PVP content and much more much coming in 2024

Old School RuneScape’s Winter Summit premiered over the weekend revealing the lineup of content planned for 2024.

Watch the Old School Winter Summit in full here:


Headlining the summit was the unveiling of Valamore a brand-new area expansion, first seen during 2023’s Summer Summit, the first part of which will be launching into Old School RuneScape on 20 March 2024. Players will be able to explore Civitas illa Fortis and the vast Avium Savannah and experience new quests, the Fortis Colosseum, the Perilous Moons minigame and the Hunter Guild. Part two will be launching in the Summer and will focus on the luxurious island of Aldarin and the inhospitable mountain range north of Civitas illa Fortis. For more details on Valamore check out the dev diary here.

Two iconic RuneScape quests are getting an Old School makeover with both Defender of Varrock and the beloved While Guthix Sleeps launching in Old School RuneScape this year. Both quests continue the iconic Mahjarrat storyline and are some of the most requested content by the Old School RuneScape community. Defender of Varrock will join Old School RuneScape in Spring 2024 with While Guthix Sleeps joining in Summer 2024.

PVP players will rejoice with the revamp of The Chaos Temple, which will offer lower-level players an entry point to this cutthroat style of play in Spring 2024.

Old School RuneScape also unveiled the latest planned improvements to the official client, including:

  • HD Mode will offer players an upgraded graphical experience which includes fully dynamic lighting, sunlight effects and fog. Players will be able to switch seamlessly between the current ‘classic’ look and HD mode at will, even on mobile.
  • Official Client Plugin API allows players to use and create their own Plugins for use in Old School RuneScape, meaning for the first time even players on both on PC and Mobile will be to start playing with all their favourite helpers lined up and ready to go.

There’s plenty more to come in 2024 from Old School RuneScape with quality-of-life updates, holiday updates, Deadman Apocalypse and the imminent release of Scurrius the Rat King all coming in the first half of this year. Developers also showed off the latest update to the ongoing development of the Sailing skill, giving players a glimpse of the development roadmap.

For full details on everything announced at the Winter Summit for Old School RuneScape, please see this news post on the website.

Old School RuneScape is available now on PC, Steam, iOS, and Android, complete with cross-platform progression and play on PC and mobile.

About Old School RuneScape 

Old School RuneScape is the industry-defining collaboration between the community and developers. Embracing its nostalgic heritage, hundreds of thousands of active players control the direction of the game with an in-game polling system. Featuring adventures for solo play through to 100-player strong raids, Old School RuneScape caters for every brave adventurer. Old School RuneScape continues to innovate, introducing its first ever new skill in 2023 to commemorate its 10th anniversary, arriving later this year. Play now at http://oldschool.runescape.com

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