New roadmap and Shared Co-op mode for Pioneers of Pagonia

 Bustle through Pioneers of Pagonia with up to four players

A new era is dawning in Pioneers of Pagonia! The award-winning indie studio Envision Entertainment has released its Shared Co-Op mode, which is now available to all pioneers. Up to four players can enjoy the world of Pagonia together. In addition, Envision Entertainment’s revised roadmap provides an overview of content updates and new features planned for the medieval-fantasy city builder with the biggest “wuselfaktor” of all time in the near future. Pioneers of Pagonia is available for 29.99 USD on Steam in Early Access.

The highlight of the brand new Shared Co-op mode is that all players play the same faction to explore the island together and build up their settlement with branching production chains and thousands of units. Fellow players can simply be invited via Steam or can join a session that has already been running for some time. Thanks to the extensive map generator with procedurally generated maps, the level of difficulty can be individually adapted to each player group and mood. From peaceful pioneer work for a relaxed session, which is also perfect for a game with younger children, a medium level of difficulty among friends to an extreme challenge for experienced strategy players. If you have to leave a session prematurely, you will automatically receive a save game to continue the game at this point with the same group or other pioneers.

As part of Early Access, further game content is added at regular intervals in addition to the constant Quality of Life updates, which are often based on and implement community requests. The Shared Co-op mode will be followed by three major updates this year, including the mining update with new resources, monuments and the improved combat system. New units and enemies as well as mod support, additional buildings and decorations await players in the Magic Update.

All details on the latest update can be found in the patch notes on Steam.

The development of Pioneers of Pagonia was financially supported by the German games fund grant by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection. To stay up to date on Pioneers of Pagonia, be sure to follow on Facebook, join Discord or visit the official website.

About Envision Entertainment:

Envision Entertainment was founded in 2013 at Ingelheim near Frankfurt, Germany. The team of about 20 people, which includes some former Phenomic Game Development (later: EA Phenomic) employees who worked on hit games such as SpellForce, BattleForge, Lord of Ultima and C&C: Tiberium Alliances, focuses on the development of strategy games. In 2016, Envision Entertainment won the German Computer Game Award for “Best Mobile Game” for its smartphone strategy game Path of War. On December 13, 2023, the new IP Pioneers on Pagonia launched into Early Access on Steam, a final release date is yet to be announced.

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