Naraka Fest 2023

Naraka Fest 2023: Trailers Reveal Collaboration with Gundam Creator, New Hero, Weapon And More

The Golden Keepers agent Shayol Wei, the Heng Sword and lots of other new content is coming to Naraka: Bladepoint!

NetEase Games and 24 Entertainment are excited to share the spectacular reveals from this year’s Naraka Fest. The main event for everything Naraka: Bladepoint was nothing short of surprises, featuring a collaboration with Gundam creator Kunio Okawara as well as a new hero, weapon and project that celebrates martial arts history!

Check out the video highlights:

New Collaboration – Kunio Okawara:

New Project: Martial Infinity:

New Weapon – Heng Sword:

Collaboration with Gundam Creator, Kunio Okawara

Dynamic, aerial combat and clashing metals – the next crossover event coming to the melee battle royale is a collaboration with the mind behind the legendary mecha franchise Gundam! The development team is excited to reveal a design for Naraka: Bladepoint’s Yueshan, created by none other than Kunio Okawara, which will be available in Summer 2024 and even release as an actual model kit.

“As creators ourselves, we all learned a lot from Mr. Okawara’s creativity, skills and open-mindedness.”, adds Ray Kuan, Lead Designer at 24 Entertainment.

Watch the reveal trailer:

New Project: Martial Infinity

For this new project, the development team met with martial art schools and associations across all of China to shape the future gameplay of Naraka: Bladepoint. Not only did professional martial artists assist with motion capture and creative design, but the team also sent developers, content creators and professional players to a Shaolin Temple to experience the fundamentals of martial arts culture, including 5:00 am morning practice of course!

The result is a gorgeous set of hero and weapon cosmetics, inspired by the clans visited during this project, as well as Naraka’s previous Bruce Lee Collaboration, featuring Tai Chi, Shaolin, Wing Chun, Xingyiquan, and Bajiquan elements. This set will also include five brand-new ink wash Souljades, blending elements of the five schools’ classic weapons with their most iconic moves.

Martial Infinity Trailer:

New Hero: Shayol Wei

Featured on the very first official Naraka: Bladepoint poster, this entrance has been a long time in the making: Shayol Wei, governor of the Golden Keepers of Icuria will join the battle early 2024! Dedicated to fighting crime, she is a fierce keeper of order and wields a Vortex Shield that can transform to provide both offense and defense.

New Weapon: Heng Sword

The next weapon coming to Naraka: Bladepoint will be the deadly Heng Sword! Revealed during the J-Cup World Championship finals in Chengdu, this traditional Chinese armament combines power with grace. While sharing similarities with the iconic Katana, don’t be fooled: The Heng Sword will bring a cunningly unique move set to the melee battle royale’s ever-growing arsenal!

Heng Sword Gameplay Trailer:


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