Modo 16.1 released

Foundry has released Modo 16.1 with more than 21 feature additions and enhancements. This release also includes changes to the core that will set up future development for the application. Evidence of this in the new release includes a new decal workflow, updates to the Advanced viewport, the first iteration on new uber tools like Polyhaul and greater emphasis on curve-based workflows.

Extend the capabilities of your artistry with Modo 16.1. Enhance your modeling workflow, gain more control over how shapes are created, and effortlessly create complex 3D shapes from curves, all whilst benefiting from faster than ever rendering!

Introducing Modo 16.1.

Bringing the best version of Modo with the addition of Planar Decals, Seam Decals, Triplanar Texturing and multiple Viewport enhancements, Modo 16.1 meaningfully improves how artists work every day.

l Add complex details to your model with decal workflows
l Improved real-time visualization in the Advanced Viewport
l See curve forms at a glance with Curvature Shading
l Create shapes with confidence using Curve and Edge Width Display
l Uninterrupted Viewport modeling with improved planar projection
l Improve Viewport response times using the Light Illumination Toggle
l Add materials to models without creating UVs using Triplanar Projection
l Switch tools instantly and model intuitively using PolyHaul
l Improved rendering quality and speed with Metal on macOS
l Greater flexibility and control with Primitive Slice improvements
l Easier curve control with the enhanced Bezier tool
l Complex 3D shapes made easy using Curve booleans
l Reuse geometry selections again and again
l More intuitive Falloff tools for reliable modeling
l Better results from MeshFusion with Geodesic Strip workflows
l Affect duplicate geometry individually using Particle Clone
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