Microscopic but mighty real-time strategy phenomenon based on the acclaimed science fiction book series set to explore the world of the infinitely small across PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S later this year

Watch the GDC trailer here

Publisher Microids and development studio Tower Five have unveiled a new trailer for Empire of the Ants, an upcoming photorealistic real-time strategy game based on Bernard Werber’s work of the same name at this year’s GDC (Game Developers Conference) in San Francisco. Slated to launch on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC later this year, Empire of the Ants immerses players in a magnificently microscopic forest ecosystem as 103,683rd,  an ant sworn to protect their colony no matter the cost.

In Empire of the Ants, use every move to your advantage on the path to world domination. Strategy, exploration, conflict, and alliances with local wildlife species will be essential for your colony’s survival.


Developed by French studio Tower Five with Unreal Engine 5, Empire of the Ants will offer a real-time strategic experience closely inspired by the book series. Players will crawl across a microscopic world of epic proportions to help a colony prosper through their tactical genius.  Good things come in small packages!




Bernard Werber’s novel has captivated millions of readers with its fascinating universe and its reflections on human nature. Microids and Tower Five are proud to offer players the opportunity to discover this universe from a new perspective through this video game adaptation.

About Empire of the Ants:

  • Take part in an epic adventure – Take the role of a brave ant through a third person view and explore unique abilities that can help you in battle and exploration.
  • A 3D real-time strategy game with progressive difficulty – The game offers an intuitive experience with tutorials for newcomers to learn RTS fundamentals, while providing scalable difficulty and advanced mechanics for veteran players.
  • Explore vast environments and meet the local wildlife – Empire of the Ants will invite players to sink their teeth into a photorealistic forest where they will meet and interact with other ants and forest dwellers throughout their journey.
  • Immersive and photo-realistic – Unreal Engine 5 pushes the boundaries of  photorealism – just look at the plants and wildlife!
  • Narrative based on the seasons – The game features a narrative that follows the rhythm of the seasons and affects  wildlife attributes such as speed, resistance, buffs, and more.
  • Day and night environments – The maps in the game will also change depending on the time of day (day, night, dawn, and twilight).

Empire of the Ants will be available in 2024 across PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

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About Microids

Microids is a French video game publisher. Founded in 1985, Microids’ editorial strategy now focuses on four major areas: adventure games, racing games, retro gaming and games inspired by iconic titles. By collaborating with renowned studios and authors (Revolution Software, Pendulo Studios, Eden Studios, Benoît Sokal, Paul Cuisset, Philippe Dessoly and Pierre Adane), Microids has become a major player in international video games. Taking inspiration from legendary titles, Microids reaches a wide audience and creates original adventures which give gamers the chance to play as some of their most beloved characters.

About Tower Five

Tower Five, indie video game studio located in the charming coastal town of La Rochelle. Founded in 2017 by video game enthusiasts, each with their own area of expertise – art, technology and design, Tower Five is dedicated to creating engaging Real Time Strategy games for consoles such as PS5, Xbox and Switch.

Our founders, with more than 20 years of experience each, have combined their skills to bring a unique approach to video game development.

At Tower Five, we believe in creative freedom and responsibility towards our players. As a small-scale indie studio, we strive to create enriching and memorable gaming experiences for our community.

About Bernard Werber

Fond of drawing and writing, Bernard Werber published his first book, Empire of the Ants, in 1991. He went on to write two sequels, The Day of the Ants (1992) and The Revolution of the Ants (1996), making him one of the most popular science fiction novelists in France and across Europe during the 90’s. Bernard Werber created many other stories including renowned series like The Thanatonauts & The Explorers of Science and dipped his feet in the video game medium, collaborating with Microids on an adaptation of The Ants in early 2000.

With more than 35,000,000 books sold globally and his writing translated in 35 languages, Bernard Werber is one of the most popular living French authors in the world.

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