“Meitantei Conan: Zero no Shikkônin” Screened in Hong Kong

Recently, the Japanese anime “Detective Conan: Zero Executive” was released in Hong Kong. This series of classic theatrical series, which continues the high reputation of high reputation, once again proves its high popularity in world-class eating. More and more brain-breaking plots and large-scale visual effects were praised by the audience as the inferential version of “speed and passion.”

Monopolizing Conan’s “three most acclaimed” praised “never look forward to”

As one of the most classic popular characters in the day, Conan will attract a large audience to enter the theater every year. The more and more brain-breaking plots and more profound themes are discussed in the latest theatrical version. The Detective Conan: The Executor of Zero is particularly evident. With the recent popularity in Hong Kong and Taiwan, it was praised by the audience as a Conan theatrical version with the “three most”: “the greatest conspiracy, the most brain-burning reasoning, the most difficult game.” The audience has a preference for this latest movie.


The film “Detective Conan: Zero’s executor” is the best version of the movie in recent years. Many viewers screamed and called: “This is the most outstanding work in Conan’s history.” “There is a large piece of feel” The scene is more than addictive. “It is very exciting! It is simply the reasoning version of “Speed and Passion” and so on. And the secret mysterious man who played the game with Conan, is a veritable catcher. The audience laughed and said: “The whole world should look at this film and be executed by the executor to becomeshould look at this film and be executed by the executor to become his person.” The attractive man of the billion box office, etc., can be described as a strong circle.

22 years of sentiment continues to be super-popular

The film “Detective Conan: Zero’s executor” tells that Conan is caught in a terrible plan about the fate of Tokyo: the Tokyo Summit, where the summit gathered, is just around the corner, and a huge explosion suddenly occurred at the venue, not only on the scene, but also on the scene. The security of the room, Maori Kogoro is even more murdered, and behind this terrorist attack is a mysterious organization involving countless insiders, Conan needs to find the only truth in the fog.

The Conan theatrical version has been released for 22 years, and the more and more brain-breaking plots, the countdown to the truth, so that every release has affected the hearts of countless audiences. The famous “only one truth” line has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. This time in the game of truth and justice: “Although there is always one truth, the number of justice is as much as the number of tears”, let the audience to the film Expectation to zoom in again.

The film “Detective Conan: Zero Executive” is expected to be introduced and look forward to it.

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