Don’t Miss French Animated Feature ‘LITTLE NICHOLAS’ (Oscars FYC)

Playful animated feature Little Nicholas: Happy as Can Be, directed by Amandine Fredon and Benjamin Massoubre and based on French bestselling children’s book series ‘Le Petit Nicolas,’ film honors the legacy of the original creators, award-winning writer René Goscinny and celebrated cartoonist Jean-Jacques Sempé. This charismatic film weaves together the adventures of schoolboy Nicholas and his creators.

The film is a labor of love, spanning several years in the making, capturing the original series’ strength and humor through its star-studded and accomplished cast. René Goscinny and Jean-Jacques Sempé are voiced by award-winning actors Alain Chabat (Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatra) and Laurent Lafitte (The Takedown, Elle). Several key producers helped bring Goscinny and Sempé’s story to life: Aton Soumache (The Little Prince, Miraculous), Lilian Eche (White Fang, The Room). Co-Writer Anne Goscinny, René Goscinny’s daughter, pays tribute to the original story along with Michel Fessler and Benjamin Massoubre (I Lost My Body).

The film’s score was composed by Golden Globe® and Academy Awards® winner

Ludovic Bource (The Artist, Escape from Planet Earth).

First published in 1959 in the Sud-Quest Dimanche newspaper, the ‘Nicolas’ stories enchanted the French audience. More than 222 ‘Le Petit Nicolas’ stories were published and later created into books. ‘Le Petit Nicolas’ soon took the world by storm, selling more than 15 million copies, and was translated into 40 languages.

“Absolutely delightful, absolutely charming,”

-KPCC’s FIlmWeek

“The film unfolds at a cracking pace, mirroring the boisterous, fizzing energy

of a curious young mind…. It is a film that reveals its love of animation throughout…. A sweet, charming and very entertaining film. ”

-Allan Hunter, Screen Daily

“If you need to smile, you need to see this.”

-Steve Kopian, Unseen Films

“…A warm, funny and beautiful experience.”

-Luis Servin, La Estatuilla

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