The S8 Finalist of lol Ended Successfully, Four Teams Promoted into Group Stage

The S8 finalist successfully concluded yesterday. Eventually, EDG, C9, G2 and GRX teams advanced to the group stage. Although teams from the wild card zone in this year’s finals are anticipated to win by many people, the five major teams still take up the first place. After the end of the finals, let’s look at the rankings of players in each position, from which you may see who is the real champion in the final stage!

In fighting the TOP, the performance of ray in the finals was really impressive, performing well with both the tank and the output TOP. G2 wunder took up the second place. The hero Urgot definitely deserved attention in the following group stage.


In the Jungle, svenskeren from C9 scored the highest while Clearlove ranked the second, which confirmed the saying that “old ginger is hotter than new”.


MID is definitely the home court of Scout, which can be seen from its comprehensive score that exceeded the second winner by many scores, and Scout has also presented a lot of heroes in the finals, like Irelia, Syndra. Akali, Galio, etc., which made up a sea of heroes.


Stitch from GRX tops the list of ADC, who did a really good job in the BO5 against the SUP and credited the most in GRX’s winning of the next few games. iboy ranked the third while  Xiaozhao’s kda is not high due to his superior.


meiko took up the first place in SUP, while GRX’s kaola took up the second place. It is worth noting that in the finalist this time,  Gragas, Tahm Kench and Nautilus are the most commonly used heroes of meiko. The characteristic of the heroes is that they are good at start grouping. In fact, as long as EDG received the assistance of the groupings, it would generally perform well.

Let’s take a look at the grouping of the four teams, which was officially determined by the official strawl-drawing:

Group A: FW AFS PVB G2



Group D: FNC 100T IG GRX

The S8 group games will be held on October 10th, with the venue be transferred from Seoul to Busan.


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