3D Animated Film “Eight Immortals” Changed its Release Date to November 3rd

Character poster

The animated film “Eight Immortals” originally scheduled for release on October 20th announced to change the date to November 3rd. At the same time, the film released its first character poster which presented the creative concept of “new Chinese style” combined with Taoist culture. In the picture, the two male leading roles Lan Caihe and Han Xiangzi sit face-to-face silently,  the elements around them greatly enriching the poster and suggesting the unusual experiences of the two.

Han Xiangzi

Two Leading Roles Debutting in the Poster, the New “Eight Immortals” Putting on Original Images

Based on the classic Chinese folklore “Eight Immortals Legend”, the eight roles in the original story will appear in the film with new images. Judging from Lan Caihe and Han Xiangzi in the character poster exposed this time, it can be seen that both of them “changed appearances” in the unique world view of the film.

Among them, Lan Caihe stands in the left side of the poster, with no expressions on his thick face, making his mental activities a mystery. In the image known by the public, this man is wearing a blue shirt, a single-shoe, holding a big clapper, often drunk in the downtown area, and is known as the most authoritative person in the Chinese Brewing industry. In “Eight Immortals”, his juvenile image is restored. He became a rhizotomist, wandering in fields and studying medicine. On the other hand, Lan Caihe owns a half-celestial body with a great ability to becoming immortal. Once he waves his hands in the grass and forest, the flowers will bloom, which represents his supernatural power.

Han Xiangzi, located on the right side of the poster, is the most famous man of the “Eight Immortals Legend”. He is good at playing dizi (Chinese flute) and has made great contributions to the field of Taoist music. At the invitation of Li Tieguai, he was included into the list of eight immortals at the famous Xianyuan Stalagmite Mountain Party. Among the “Eight Immortals”, Han Xiangzi was an apprentice of Zhang Guolao, but as he was lazy with no potential of cultivating himself to be an immortal, he was frequently scolded by his master.

As is learned, Lan Caihe and Han Xiangzi are antagonists against each other in “Eight Immortals”, and their relationship is full of tension. The fate of the two protagonists is intertwined in the “Jade Pipe Appearing” and has undergone enormous changes since then.

Lan Caihe

Release Date Rescheduled, Domestic Animation Supported by Exquisite Techniques

“the Eight Immortals” planned to be released on October 20th announced to change its release date today. On this matter, insiders explained that the change of the schedule is a cautious decision of the propaganda team after considering the characteristics of the work, market situation and other factors. I believe the new one. The schedule will lead to an opportunity for the film to meet more viewers.

Previously, in the first trailer of “The Eight Immortals”, the visual quality of Chinese style and vivid modelings present the film’s unique style and high quality of production directly to the audience, making the latter look forward to it. It is reported that, to ensure the ultimate presentation of the visual effects, the film will meet the audience in 3D format. In this regard, director Cao Bo said that the VFX team of the film has very rich industry experience. Mastering the core technology of 3D production independently developed by Beijing Yuandao Culter Development Company, VFX members of the film introduced the top VFX mechanism of Korea, to bring a visual and auditory feast to the audience and promote the development of the domestic animated film industry.


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