Join One Military Camp preview beta Now!

Join One Military Camp preview beta Now!

All recruits, form up! One Military Camp preview beta is available on Steam. You will now have the opportunity to manage an old military camp and restore it to its former days of glory, beacause peace depends on it!

One Military Camp is much more than a base building game. You´ll need to assemble and repair installations, manage supplies, look after the wellbeing of troops and staff working in the camp and train your men and women so they can carry out risky missions on enemy territory.

Beware, because the enemy never sleeps. Prepare your defenses, and look for spies infiltrating your headquarters. Have fun with the crazy things that happen to your soldiers every day and follow Sgt Hawkins through a thrilling campaign to defeat Dragan.

One Military Camp is set to a Q1 2023 release, and it will also include a sandbox mode with lots of customization. Are you a fan of classic war movies? Be prepared to enjoy tons of easter eggs and a crazy sense of humor.

What will you find in One Military Camp Beta?

You will get the opportunity to play the first 16 missions of the game, and enjoy some of the main features in One Military Camp. Gain access to a progression tree, unlock and customize new buildings.

Recruit new types of soldiers and workers, train them to specialize in 7 categories (out of the 18 present in the final game) and send them on several missions. But you didn’t think everything would be so easy, right? You will see them suffering 5 different afflictions –nothing too serious, don’t worry- and will have to treat them.

One Military Camp has also included new activities to relax once the job is done, such as the theatre and bowling alley. And lots of improvements after hearing the community suggestions… No more problems with the batteries anymore!

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