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Russia is considered to be one of the first  countries where the animation had started as the genre of the cinema. We celebrated the 100th Anniversary of the Russian animation in 2012. Since 2012 the industry of Russian animation cinema is consolidated by the Russian Animated Film Association (RAFA). RAFA is an establishment and core industrial management, GR, public institutions, professional and expert community and leaders of opinion. It is an association of companies representing the interests of the animation film industry in Russia.

RAFA  supports the development of the Russian animation – the  industry  getting every year more and more productive and  accessible. In the past 10 years, we have come a long way. The number of animation studios in Russia has doubled and the production of animation has grown more than 5 times.

Today RAFA unites more than 60 animation studios from 7 regions of Russia, which animation is adapted into 60 languages and distributed in more than 150 countries of the world.

Despite the problems faced by many industries during the pandemic, Russian animation studios are not only continuing to produce animation but are also increasing its number and quality.

Rebate system for production in Russia has been worked out. At the end of 2019 a couple of important laws have been passed by the government of Russia  giving an opportunity to increase the Russian export activities. Point one is an adaptation of content for International market.  Point two is the rebate program for production in Russia with return of up to 40% of the project costs. The collaboration with Russian studios becomes profitable for International partners. The specifics of rebate in animation passes abilities for projects’ development despite  the isolation period.  RAFA invites International production compagnies and is ready to provide partners in Russia, please contact us via e-mail [email protected]  .

Features and serials are in successful development in Russia. Every year about a dozen features are released and two hundred series in production.  The production companies are aiming not only for domestic releases but for promotion  worldwide taking part in all significant markets like EFM, MIP TV,  Marche du Film, MIFA, MIPCOM, etc. The Russian animated features have been  sold for the territories worldwide: 4 features of ‘The Snow Queen’ (Wizart Animation), 3 features of ‘Kokoriki’ (The Riki Group), 2 features of ‘Space Dogs’ (KinoAtis) are sold out to more than 150 countries worldwide. All of them are sequeled, prequeled and spined-off in Series.

In 2020:

  • Soyuzmultfilm Studio is going to present a co-production with Cyber Group company ‘Orange Moo-Cow’, ‘Squared Zebra’, a detective series ‘The Secrets of Honey Hill’, ‘I’ll Get You!’ – reboot of animated series and ‘Suvorov’ feature. Besides,  author animation  projects and stop motion short meters  are available for distribution worldwide.
  • For 2020 Riki Group is continuing with the sales of ‘BabyRiki’, ‘Tina & Tony’, ‘Panda and Krash’ and ‘The Fixies’ animated series, the 4th season of which started to be broadcasted in Russia in 2020.
  • Melnitsa animation studio presents a new season of animated series ‘Moonzy’ in 3D format. New season will be based on scripts of US scriptwriter Paul Pimenta. Company plans to expand its international scope in Europe, LATAM and Asia. In January 2020, ‘Moonzy’ was successfully launched on CCTV, China. A new film ‘The Barkers: Mind the Cats!’ has been announced being  of great  interest for   buyers from Korea, MENA, Europe and South East Asia. CTB Film Company and Skazka animation studio will also release new animation film ‘Nutcracker and Magic Flute’ for Christmas 2021 with the deals closed for several European and Asian territories.
  • In 2020 KinoAtis company is planning to premiere  ‘Space Dogs. Tropical Adventure’ and ‘Musketeers of the Tsar’ at the cinema markets worldwide.

Every year since its foundation in 2012, RAFA has published a Catalog of Current Russian Animation. The Catalog has become a universal guide to all Russian companies involved in the production of animation products. And this year we celebrate the release of the 10th Catalog of Current Russian Animation.  It is available on our website in the section “Catalog of Current Russian Animation” by the link.

We try to do our best to support and promote Russian producers and open original Russian cartoons for the global industry. New companies join RAFA every year. New projects appear, large alliances are created – the animation industry in Russia is developing, and today we can confidently speak about Russia’s high competitive abilities in the world market.

The COVID-19 will be overthrown and the animation industry will revive and burst forth with renewed vigor as you can’t find another industry with such ‘joie de vivre’ reserve. Good luck for all of us in 2021!


Source: Russian Animated Film Association


Source: Russian Animated Film Association

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