Hotel Transylvania 3 Exposes Theme Song MV, “I See Love” in Hollywood Animation

The summer high-scoring Hollywood animated film Hotel Transylvania 3 produced by Sony Animation Film Company of the United States is directed by the predecessor of the series, Gondi Tatakowski, written by Michael McCullers, Adam Sander Le, Selena Gomez, Steve Bussie, Kevin James and other original people. It will be released nationwide on August 17, 2018. Today, the film released the MV of the theme song “I See Love.” In the MV, Dracula, who was fascinated by the female captain Erica, unloaded the Earl’s black dress for the first time, and put on a summer dress with a “vibrant” style, deeply interpreting “seeing love.”

The Singularity of the Singer, the Interpretation of the Cruise, the dance, the HIGH to the C, debut

The theme song “I See Love” of Hotel Transylvania 3 is performed by the famous British music producer Jonas Bleu and Joe Jonas, a member of the former famous rock band Jonas Brothers. The love of See Love is light and dynamic, coincides with the theme of the film, and also sings the voice of Dracula. In the MV, Dracula fell in love with the female captain Erica at first sight. In pursuit of Erica, Dracula led the crowds to open the “dancing mode”, and the cruise became a dance floor for the strangers: and Dracula The jelly monsters that make up the old Disco CP, the mummies and the Frankenstein of the “double magical dance”, the son-in-law Jonny who is addicted to their own dancing, and the friendship of the salted fish symphony orchestra, plus the huge stage and superb lighting on the cruise ship. Dancing beautifully, let Meng Meng dance group look like C-debut. In addition, in addition to these well-known old partners, this luxury tour will join a number of new monsters, will also unlock the new map of the Bermuda Triangle, and open a new elf adventure tour for the audience while continuing the series of comical comedy routes. .

“True Love Journey” version of the poster released Dracula quiet for many years only to “see love”

At the same time as the MV, there is also a poster of “The Evil Hostel 3: Crazy Holidays” “True Love Journey”. After experiencing the reconciliation with the daughter, father and humans in the previous work, Dracula first traveled. Opportunity to pursue your own happiness. On the poster, the strange friends looked at Dracula with a look of hope, while Dracula was a serious face, because after trying to pursue the female captain Erica, Erica not only did not For the sake of moving, and constantly creating trouble for Dracula, this made Dracula unable to do anything. So, can a single-year-old dog Dracula cross the obstacles and “see love”? The answer was only announced after the film was officially released.




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