Box Office of “Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation” Breaking 158 million, Hilarious New Roles Gaining Popularity

The high-scored Hollywood animated film in the summer vocation “Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation” hit domestic cinemas, gaining a global box office of over 400 million US dollars and a domestic box office of over 158 million, which are still rising rapidly. The film tells the story of the single parent Dracula, who went on a monster cruise for vacation under the arrangement of his daughter Mavis. Full of hilarious and warm plots, the film exposed a “new role” feature today containing a lot of adorable and funny new characters such as giant cute dog, sea monster octopus, which is surprising. Directed by Gwendy Tatakowski, with Michael McGuires writing the scripts, Adam Sandler, Selena Gomez, Steve Bussimon and Kevin James voicing the characters, the film is an ideal choice for family watching on weekends.

The Popular Sea Monster Octopus Surprising the Audience, its Melodious Voice Deeply Favored by Fans

In “Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation”, the Dracula family went on a tour, encountering the mysterious Bermuda Triangle, the “City of Loss” Atlantis, and many surprises on the way. In the lately-exposed feature, the new role of the giant sea monster octopus sings melodiously with its eyes blinking at the audience; the adorable dog Dingdang are clever and smart, sticking out its tongues, which amuses countless audiences; there are also the evil hunter Fan Haixin, the human captain Erica, girlfriend of the transparent man and the funny demon stewardess… The peculiar images and settings of the novelty characters aroused a lot of praise. Many families commented after watching: “The little monsters are so cute, winning favors of children.”

Dubber of the sea monster “Kraken” – Joe Jonas, a member of the former well-known rock band “Jonas Brothers” – sang sentimentally in the feature. His soft voice and the peculiar shapes of the sea monsters made a wonderful contrast, winning acclaims from audiences, “We like the ‘Hotel Transylvania’ series because the characters are interesting and nice.” The funny characters with magnetic voices and a comedy effect won high popularity after being released. “The new monster is adorable and hilarious while the sea monster sings really melodiously.” “The soundtrack is classic and refreshing, and the sea monster sings quite tunefully!”

Classic Family Animation Hitting the Summer, Causing Parent-Child Viewing Fashion

The “Hotel Transylvania” series has been popular around the world with the hilarious storyline and warm connotations. After the release of the third one in the series, it immediately gained high popularity among domestic audiences. They see it for a second or a third time. Crazy fans even danced to its trendy DJ electronica collectively, the audience was turned over. In the previous work, the Vampire Count, Dracula, cared for his daughter carefully for a hundred years, turning paternal love into permanent companionship and guardianship. This year, the father and daughter continued their tender sentiment. During the trip, the father’s  meticulous care for Mavis was touching, striking countless family audiences. “The warm storyline and the scene of a family gathering reminds me of a lot.”

When being released in North America previously, the film topped the list of a week’s box office instantly. According to the data of the ticketing website “Boxofficemojo”, the global box office of the film has exceeded 400 million dollars, topping the box office in 34 regions while the domestic box office has exceeded 158 million. With the highest domestic box office in its series, it is evaluated by the international media as “a Surprise that Goes beyond Expectations”. Recommended as a high-score film, the film is a hot one among those released in the same period, winning acclaims from a large number of audience – “a first choice for  family watching on weekends”.




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