Hermetica deckbuilder roguelike inspired by alchemy coming 2024

Hermetica deckbuilder roguelike inspired by alchemy coming 2024

Abylight Studios and Red Mountain present Hermetica (most anticipated game for 2024 at DeVuego awards). Hermetica is a deckbuilder roguelite game inspired by alchemy, and set in Sixteenth Century Toledo.

Hermetica is a roguelike turn-based card game. Players start with a basic set of cards and must build their perfect deck, upgrade it by practicing Alchemy and use it to defeat mythical beasts and powerful enemies. Each card collected opens new opportunities in combat.

Movement mechanics are based on tactical games: each card is randomly assigned a unique movement pattern that players must use to avoid traps and dominate the battlefield. Ambush enemies and use terrain to your advantage.

Cards can be enhanced through the use of alchemy, which consists of combining various elements and materials to craft powerful potions and elixirs in our laboratory. Enjoy the occult science based in transmutation of matter.

Hermetica is set in Sixteenth Century Toledo. You’ll travel through this legendary city while enjoying art based on medieval codices. Each time you embark on this adventure you will find different enemies, levels and cards to collect.

Hermetica is set to release in 2024 for PC and consoles.

About Red Mountain

Making interactive experiences and video games since 2015. Red Mountain is a small indie studio responsible for The Crown of Wu (developed under PlayStation Talents program) and Hermetica (releasing 2024)

About Abylight Studios

Abylight Studios is the indie publisher that brought you One Military Camp, award-winning Hyper Light Drifter for Nintendo Switch and retro inspired classics such as Cursed Castilla EX or Super Hydorah. Now working on Citadelum, Ninja Chowdown: Glaze of Glory, Underling Uprising, Hermetica and many more!

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